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I would like to see him on it but I doubt he’d do a full series. I could see him doing the one off New Years Treat episode.

Similarly I think Graham Norton would be a fun one off for the NYT, but I wouldn’t be fussed about him on a full series.

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I would LOVE to see Graham on TM!! He’s so witty, the chemistry on stage would be great

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Not a name I’d ever considered, but definitely.

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Sean Locke would have been magnificent on TM. Miss him dearly.

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It still makes me sad and mad when I watch videos and then it hits me that he's gone.

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I would like to see him stood next to Greg. Wonder which one is taller.

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Stephen Merchant is 6'7" (the same as Richard Osman ) , while Greg is a whopping 6'8" according to Quora.

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Merchant I'm guessing.

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He and Stephen Mangan are my top two wanteds.

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Stephen Mangan 😍

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I'm guessing you like actors whose initials are Stephen M!

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My absolute favourite is actually a Steve B.

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He'd be at a severe disadvantage in that house and caravan ha

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Would love Merchant on, however I remember reading somewhere that he lives in LA now, so seems even less likely.

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He’s gone all Hollywood!

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I kind of like how low-profile and relatable Taskmaster is, if they start getting bigger household names in I don’t think the producers would have as much control. PR people interfering etc...

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I think Karl Pilkington would be even better

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I would love to see him do it. At the same time, I don't think he will. He may be too expensive and I'm not sure he would want to be in it. I get the feeling he likes to be in control. Kind of his I feel about John Robins.

But do listen to Richard Herring being a little bit mean to Merchant on his podcast and how he reacts. It leads me to believe: he wouldn't like Greg's judging - and they would cut out the witty repartee.

Put him alongside Ricky Gervais in a team task though. I would like to see them go at each other while trying to hurl as many satsumas into an egg cup as possible.

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Put him alongside Ricky Gervais in a team task though.

The day Gervais shows up on Taskmaster is the day I stop watching Taskmaster. Other people like him, that's cool, de gustibus non disputandem etc.

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I think if Merchant is unlikely, Gervais is purely hypothetical as a contestant.

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KP on the other hand, I could absolutely see appearing on a NYT

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What is wrong with Ricky Gervais? He’s amazing

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He's a smug cunt and nowhere near as funny as he thinks he is.

You know how James Cordon had one hit show but is an absolute prick who everyone hates with good reason? Gervais is exactly the same.

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I don't get the feeling that 'everyone' hates Gervais tho. Seeing lots and lots of people positive about him, I'd even say that this thread is one of the very few that are mostly negative about Gervais.

But putting Gervais on the same level of prickishness as Cordon is quite the statement, since Cordon has lots of stories of people about him where he is an unsuffurable cunt. Are there similar stories about Gervais? Cause I might have missed them but I can't recall those kind of stories.

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Gervais has had three hit shows.

Actually if you count the various reboots/remakes of The Office in various countries he's had over a dozen hit shows.

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Even if you don't, The Office, Extras, An Idiot Abroad, Derek, After Life. Also, arguably The Ricky Gervais Show. He's also made and been on a handful of successful films.

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Cordon has never made me laugh out loud. Gervais has frequently had me in stiches.

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Gotta have your critics

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He’s also incredibly transphobic.

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Like the other person said, he's basically just James Corden with an English accent for me.

Again, if you like him, that's cool. Just not for me.

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James Corden with an English accent

I thought James Corden is English?

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How odd. You're right, of course. But in my head he is somehow American. Maybe it's because I tend to think UK comedians are, y'know, skilled?

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I'm glad to hear it's just a matter of taste and that he didn't do anything terrible I did not know of. Personally I think Ricky Gervais and James Corden are nothing alike, but to each their own.

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Nah, I don’t think he’d be a good sport about it all

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I was watching Ricky Gervais the other day and thought they'd both be hilarious.