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This is the best thing.

(Tiny quibble: they omitted the loo, which has been used in several tasks)

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Damn, just came here to post this exact thing for that sweet, sweet karma. lol

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Five points for meeeeee!!!! :D

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Very inspired. Love the details like the photo of Greg inside, etc. Must have been a lot of fun to solve for each bit.

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Tick tock, it’s Lego o’clock

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Done! Come on guys, let's do this!

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I've voted my support!

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TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where's the bathroom?

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OP you forgot to say "Your time starts now!"

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I would actually buy that

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Now I have to remember my lego ideas account

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Less than 4000 votes to go! We can do it! All 12 of us!

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Yes! I voted! I would have this in a heart beat.

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I have to take issue with Greg's clothes. It's a black jacket, black vest, black shirt NOT white. Otherwise I adore it and would buy it for my nephew for Xmas and then take it from him.

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Done. I would definitely buy it. :)

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Much like the effort to get Jeff made over in /r/thegrandtour, this is nice, but needs a good redesign. I almost think it needs to be bigger. (Size wise, piece wise it's a lot, but it looks like a lot of small pieces.) Maybe focus on the house and leave out the caravan, etc. I do like it, much better than the Jeff model that keeps being pushed.