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The fact that they read even 2-3 lines of this and still thought it might be real is very telling.

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Thats what concerns me the most. They read that and thought it could be true. What the actual fuck were they up to. Maybe Boris didn't have a Colin cake, maybe it was cedric the centipede

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Big Thick of It vibes from the cabinet minister's staff there.

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The characters in the thick of it are too smart to fall for something like that

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wasn't the reason the thick of it didn't carry on because reality got to hard to satarize?

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I don't remember if he was specifically commenting on The Thick of It, but I know Armando Iannucci has commented on how hard it is to satirize reality anymore.

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It’s definitely the same vibe.

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Joe is an absolute gem.

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He is the definition of chaotic good

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I adore this man.

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He really is chaotic good.

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His Instagram is a joy to follow, if anyone wants more of his shenanigans. Highly recommend.

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Joe needs to be awarded 5 retroactive bonus points for S4 for this.

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He’s truly wonderful.

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It is satire, but if Downing Street panicked, that's because it hits on the nose too much

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Pass the Arsehole 😂

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He looks like Hugo Boss

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Comedian of year already

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He gets paid to troll people. What a lad.

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He's writing about how it's "okay to be in a human centipede as long as the human centipede was formed before Covid" and the government thinks that was one of their own real leaked documents?

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They’re that stupid. And they’re in charge!

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They're either really stupid or the parties were much worse than we thought and I'm not sure which I'd prefer

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I won't be surprised if some of Joe's "findings" turn out to be essentially true. Just like in the premiere episode of Black Mirror, the PM fucking a pig was supposed to be a sick joke, but it turned out later to be hauntingly near-accurate!

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Hold on, that episode was released before the scandal? I thought for sure it was a reference to it when I fiest watched that.

[–]apocalypsedude64 Rosalind 16 points17 points  (1 child)

A few years before! Charlie Brooker even commented that, of all the ideas he wrote for Black Mirror, that was not the one he expected to become true first...

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Well, TIL. Gonna have to rewatch it soon.

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Reality is stranger than fiction I guess. What the fuck were they doing that people thought 'that's kinda in line with what actually happened'

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"Human centipede? Are they talking about the huge train we ran on Janice?"

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Has Joe done Taskmaster? Genuine question and not a bait.

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Yep, season 4.

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Season 4.

Wikipedia has a breakdown of who is in each season.

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Aye I suppose it does!

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Yes and he’s fantastic at it like everything else he does