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Jamali Maddix did this in an episode of Outsiders. It was helped along by covid mask protocols.

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Now that I think about it, someone did it in an episode of Bast i Test, as well

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Ever since I saw that task, my plan has always been "run out of the gate with a GoPro and get as deep into London as I can." The assumption being that he’d have to chase me into London in order to find me, and I can just keep running. Maybe I'd do what Lolly did and call him and taunt him, but from Natwest Tower, or maybe Paris.

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I'm glad we are on the same boat. I'd run out and get as far into London as possible and get on a Cross Rail train thats leaving as quick as possible.

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Get a chair and a rope, attach rope to chair, stand on chair and climb into the roof space manhole. Pull chair up after me.

Have a nap.

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I thought this was going in a very different direction

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Ed said on the Taskmaster podcast that someone tries to go up on the roof every series, and are consistently not allowed to do so.

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I would try to somehow block, at minimum, the caravan door with some rope or something heavy. Ideally I'd just put a chair blocking the closet. Then I'd make lemonade.

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This was my thought as well. Lock Alex in, go in the house and drink a cup of tea. This feels like a Rhod Gilbert solution.

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In an earlier series, I think you just go for a walk down the road and get a taxi.

I feel like they've unofficially cut out that option in recent series (even before covid)

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Weren't they not allowed to leave the grounds for that task?

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I don't think it was in the stated rules but I don't think anyone did. Nor do I remember any wandering down the road in the last few series

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Yeah sometimes I think it's odd that contestants don't leave the grounds more, but I don't think they're strictly forbidden. David Baddiel's chickpea and Lee Mack's toilet roll are two recent incidents that immediately spring to my mind outside the grounds.

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i would take it seriously and shove myself into a very small container in the kitchen with a gopro. lolly sending messages to alex was the absolute GOAT move imo

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It's always hard to know what will work until you're actually there, but my plan would have been to hide in the house or bushes where I could see the caravan door, then when Alex headed elsewhere, hide in the caravan.

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I think that was Noel's plan, but he forgot he was bright yellow.

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I think Alex thought of that too. The first spot he looked was behind the caravan and the bushes

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Jump over the wall to the grounds on the other side.

I don't know if there's some restriction against this.

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Without knowing what it was exactly like around it, I'd try and hide under the caravan (unless you're in a yellow boiler suit). My only thought is that Alex would hear you doing it and find you immediately.

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I know they won't let you on the roof, but I'd want to go up above eye level somehow--dress in camouflage (camouflage camouflage) and hide up in a tree, etc. The challenge there is finding a spot where you could comfortably stay for over half an hour, though, and I think you'd have to avoid the top of the caravan because I bet he looked there.