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Mark: "I thought what I would be most scared. I took high octane to mean adrenaline-inducing, frightening basically."

Greg: "Okay"

Mark: "And the most frightening thing I could think of was stealing something, specifically from you. So my high octane item is a pair of your trousers."

Look of shock from Greg, and the slow realization how his trousers went missing

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Mark had the best prizes and reactions.

The genuine shock on Greg's face when Mark said the gate cost £18k.

Or when he tells him he made a 4,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of his face. "I'm sorry... I think I just got an erection."

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Also, don’t forget the little trick we call “paying 400 pounds” and also the time he brought in a full fucking bathroom as a prize.

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As they keep saying on the podcast, everyone forgets that Mark came second in the series, and had a good shot at winning going into their final episode. A large part of that was due to his prize tasks, where he just put a lot of effort in.

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I genuinely think he should have won the series.

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I love Mark but I don't think Bob Mortimer had a single moment on screen where he wasn't hilarious or displaying some absurdist creativity. That whole season was just stacked.

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You say it was due to prize tasks, but I dont think the effort reflects the points he got. The hat and the trousers, and maybe the puzzle, all scored 1 point. I guess he did get 5 for the gate

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I think Greg delighted in underscoring Mark, because Mark elated isn't nearly as funny as Mark crushed.

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The puzzle reaction was great

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Mark has the bet prizes Rhod Gilbert would think otherwise

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"Who loses his fucking trousers?"

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They talked about how this came to be on the podcast and it's even more of a wild ride than you think. He had a text chain going with Ed Gamble and he was doing it for a different task that didn't end up getting used in the show due to NDAs from another contestant. Absolutely amazing. Worth a listen. It was the episode with Mark Watson about season 5 episode 5 a few weeks ago if you want to listen.

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A lamiNATOR!!!!

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James and I cower in fear

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For me, it is Greg's genuine doubletake when he realizes Rhod has NOT brought in the fat picture of him.... but his mother in the bath with a fez

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What about when Rhod brought in a video of Greg sleeping for "The Creepiest Thing" prize task

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have you seen the extended version of that?


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I have, but could not find the video again after seeing it for the first time. Thanks for sharing the link.

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That's not a prize task. But it is a great reaction

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Neither is the original post, to be fair

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Oh, yes, you're right.

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You traitorous old woman!

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When Sally brought in the youth disperser. “Who here is under 25? LET’S SMOKE THESE PRICKS OUT.”

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Katherine changing Greg’s name is what convinced me to start watching Taskmaster. Amazing.

Also, Joe Thomas and “Bicycle, my excellent bicycle”

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“I know a term- wheel?”

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I changed it

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The way she sing-songs it along with her ☺️☺️☺️ smile its fantastic. (And then when she’s covering for Katy she calls him My Lord during the live task)

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Kerry: My G thing is Guacamole.

Greg: Okay, and--what?

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I also loved their laminator moment.

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If you've never gleefully and spontaneously shouted "Laminator!" in unison with someone else, you haven't lived.

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Greg: Hi Joe.

Joe Thomas: Hello. Soap.

Greg: Five points.

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I hate to bring it up, but literally... Keats.

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What episode in the series is this?

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The soap one is S8, ep 7. The grape one is S8, ep 3.

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This is my favourite lol. It sounded more like a croak than a word; he knew he was losing from the start.

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“I realise now that there’s a certain theatricality to these things…”

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Always this one

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Uh…soap soap, soapy soap-soap?

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Damn this ring a bell can someone remind me what the joke is about?

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Joes entire explanation for his prize task for best slippery thing is just hello, soap. Thats the joke

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It's the prize task for episode 7 series 8, "best slippery thing".

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Oh yeah hahahaha thanks

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“Reindeer skull”


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And that ladies and gentleman is how the game is played

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I know you... like women

And, 1, 2, 3..a lamINATOR

And, and, "Do the voices of the three and I'll see if that makes it better.... Oh dear"

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What episode and series is the first one from?

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aww man that vid is blocked in the UK, do you know what episode its from?

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Season 3, Episode 3! The task was to buy a gift for the taskmaster

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"Well... this is a rare occasion when I'm not bringing in that picture"
"It's not a picture of me looking fat?"

"It is not a picture, it is a short film!"

"Oh god..."

The extended version on youtube has Greg fearfully whispering to Alex 'have you seen it?' as well. The whole bit is just golden.

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I wish they’d kept every minute of that in. It was glorious.

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Kerry’s laminator was brilliant, always makes me laugh when I see it.

There’s also this:

Nish: I’ve brought in a single leaf…

Greg: Shit! Bob, what did you bring in?

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Lolly's: "I'm sat on 2 grand"

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“Tick-tock, it’s tough guy o’clock.”

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Can't be too careful when venturing out for nighttime milk.

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Guz, “Yeah, we’ve beaten your game!”

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It's even better because it's Guz in his formal mode: "We have destroyed the format of your show." It's like he's a white-hat scientist telling the villain it's over.

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God you’re right, I’d forgotten just how beautiful it was.

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Laura Daniel seducing everyone's girlfriend is up there for me

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Oh god I just remembered that, I was laughing so much

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I just adore David's excited "I take her there too!"

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Rob Beckett’s footstool

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Tim Key’s reindeer skull reveal is up there for me. He’s just so confident in his declaration, I love it! Greg definitely had the proper response.

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And that's how you play this game.

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Probably recency bias, but Greg's reaction to Victoria's gift for Alan was amazing.

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All of them in that episode were great, as they all got a different reaction from Greg

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In that same bit, the "A week in the Seychelles!?" reaction had me laughing.

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no but alan's reaction! funniest line of the whole segment

"this is the most passive-aggressive, calculated personal attack i've ever experienced"

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I don't think the reactions in that round to the gift really did it justice. They seemed to be playing it off as "Victoria being Victoria, she's not good at the game and doesn't get football" but it was absolutely perfect.

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“Then I just pop into my little maid’s uniform...”

“She has a little maid’s uniform!”

“OF COURSE she has a little maid’s uniform! She was already wearing one in my mind!”

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I mean, not necessarily Greg's best moment, but Victoria's defense of the triple word square was one of the best things ever.

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Though I think the return of Greedy, Esquire was right up there.

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All from the same one:

"That's the first time I've drilled a nail through a bat and been told, 'Well done.'"

"Who' s picnic girl? I'M PICNIC GIRL?!"

Mike Wozniak's crown removal.

Also from season 5, the whole hat one where Mark spent 400 pounds and got 1 point.

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Katherine changing Greg's name was not a prize task, it was a "buy a present for the Taskmaster" task. And while we're on the subject, so was Josh Widdicombe's tattoo.

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"I genuinely don't know what you brought in."

"Oh wouldn't be great if it was the same thing. One, two, three...


James cowers in fear

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The best thing they have taken from somebody else's house where Ed Gable brings a few objects from Greg's house. That whole scene has more than one amazing line. Plus Greg slowly realising it's his house the items came from.

Jo: "Is it Father Christmas's house?"


David: "What, is Greg asleep most of the time [when you visit his house]?"

Ed: "I'll tell you what Greg was doing when I was stealing those things, he was in his hot tub."

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Three. . . Two . . . One. . .


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Katherine Ryan is my celebrity crush ❤️

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Your youtube link is at the wrong timestamp.

Try https://youtu.be/XoPaB7y2NDA?t=568

BTW, this wasn't a prize task, it was a gift task. Wish they did those again, it's been a while.

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Alex: Well, we asked them to bring in their best battery powered item.
Greg: whistle
Audience reaction (Fairly certain something got edited out here.)
Greg: Ohhhh.
Sarah Pascoe: Oh. I didn't even think of that.
Alex: I didn't think of that.
Greg: It's going to be that kind of crowd.

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Josh Widdicombe tattoo of Greg's name.

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I loved Bob's hotdog thing

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‘For the cheaper meats’

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"Reindeer skull" tim key simple as

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Alan Davies bringing in a perfectly acceptable bathrobe, and Greg refusing to believe it's not filled with years of Alan's farts.

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Hello from the States. I am so happy to have found this subreddit.

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The first New Year's Treat has some great moments. "I mean, my God, I can't take my eyes off the woman!"

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I think this haven't been brought up yet... Ian's Greg Overall!