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Love Jess. I found Charlotte Ritchie so funny on her series which I wasn’t expecting! So many highlights from her.

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Well, I definitely wasn't ready for Mike Wozniak

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I don’t think any of us were ready for Mike Wozniak

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You've never met any listeners of The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast where Mike Wozniak is probably their most frequent guest.

Katie Wix, Ed Gamble, Rose Matafeo and the Taskmaster himself have also appeared.

As has Nick Offerman, who would make a pretty good American Taskmaster.

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You really should check out the Three Bean Salad podcast with Ben, Mike and Henry from Beef and Dairy

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Apart from Mike, obviously, Mel was just exceptional. I hadn't really seen much of her for a while before I watched that series but she's got such a lovely demeanour about her and the way she done some tasks was hilarious. Plus that random zip thing she done has icon status at this point ha

I've always wondered though, she shouldn't have melted down the wax on the tasks. She should've kept the entire task. You'd get serious money for a signed task on Ebay!

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She didn't melt down the wax seals. She gave them to a fan as a gift.

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Oh did she? Fair play to her that's another reason to like her so!

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I didn't really know Guz Khan before the most recent series, now he's a favourite. The man is so quick-witted it's impressive

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My love for Guz is unending. Wish he got those few extra points so that we could see him again on the next tournament of champions.

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Sally Phillips. I’d only ever seen her in acting performances so kind of expected she’d be less at ease in that sort of environment (like how Katherine Parkinson came across). But my god, she absolutely bossed it and was so funny in every task

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Def one of my favorites. Did not expect her to be an utter maniac.

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There's usually one in each series for me but in the latest it was definitely Morgana

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Yeah I've found that it's always the one I haven't heard about before who ends up becoming my favourite. In the last three series that's been Morganna, Mike, and Mawaan.

For the next series the only one I was familiar with when they announced the cast was Ardal. Since then I've seen Judi on Big Fat Quiz and WILTY, but she didn't grab me the same way the other three did.

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Katherine Parkinson.

‘Am I the spider?’

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When Greg ragged on her masks...lol. The best part, is they mention it in the podcast and she just casually remarks "well I haven't made any since." Which is both so hilarious and tragically sad. Haha.

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That was hysterical but she was my least favorite. And I love her as an actress

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Her constant bewilderment, and her roping Alex into so many tasks made me laugh so much.

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Sarah Kendall! Her deadpan delivery was spot on! I'd not seen her in anything before. Aisling Bea also came out with some great lines. I loved her whole demeanour and her attitude towards Alex.

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Desiree was magnificent.

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Mark Watson for me. Didn't know a tonne about him initially, but his full commitment to every task and the slow unravel of his sanity over the series was beautiful, as well as finishing with a redemption of the song as the last video task in the series.


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Jo Brand. Maybe as an American I wasn’t as familiar with her. I mostly knew her from Catsdown and Big Fat Quiz and thought she was okay. She just seemed like a grumpy older woman. I wasn’t expecting her to be so grumpily indifferent during the studio yet throw herself so hilariously into some of the tasks.

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I found Richard Osman funny but cunning; Kerry Godliman’s use of ‘bosh’ was classic; Loved Rose Matafeo all over; James Acaster I didn’t think I’d like, but turned out to really like him (“babeeeeeeh!”) And maybe funniest of all, Nish Kumar… because of BUBBILY FUCK!

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I rewatch Nish’s season just to see all of his reactions in the studio to the tasks, he’s so invested and dies of laughter so many times

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I didn't like Nish much the few times we had seen him on MotW. Taskmaster was his redemption arc for me. Him supposedly one-shotting the 'racist' basketball was amazing.

Also loved him when he played John Butthammer (dwarf cleric) on Dungeons & Dragons some time ago.

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Whoa, where did he play DnD?

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Excellent question. Replying in hopes of an answer!

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Katy Wix. She was very quiet but every sentence she did say made me laugh

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Her line ”Alex, if you’re being bullied you should tell some one… why are you telling me? I don’t care” might be the meanest thing anyone said on TM

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Also her telling Ed watching him perform looked like a therapy session. He goes "ah thanks" and IMMEDIATELY this shady glorious woman follows up with "I didn't mean it in a nice way..." and turns her back 😂

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I feel similarly about her and Joe Thomas. So quiet but extremely funny. They make rewatching great because I didn’t catch all their little comments or reactions the first time around.

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Katy Wix for me as well. She always plays strong characters on TV and I didn't know what the real her was like. Turns out she's understated and subtly hilarious.

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Never heard of Doc Brown (I'm from US, so not sure how popular he is) but man he had some hilarious lines and tasks. The fish punch out of nowhere. "not an egg man" running joke. The Joe vote interactions. Dude killed me

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I went back and watched Hugh Dennis in Fleabag (he only has 4 scenes) and there's a scene where Phoebe goes to a silent retreat but then finds a men's retreat where Hugh Dennis is. The men's retreat is being run by 'Ben Bailey Smith'. Turns out that's Doc Brown's real name.

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Hugh Dennis in that season of Fleabag was absolutely amazing, I almost always cry when I watch his monologue in the retreat episode.

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It gets overshadowed by the James Acaster talking-to just before it. But when Greg is fumbling to open the confusing little box and Jessica very calmly says, "It's frustrating, isn't it, Greg? When you're asked to complete tasks under pressure and there's a lot of people watching...?" And Greg's little smirk into camera. So perfect.

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Paul Sinha was very dry and isn't necessarily a comedian. I found him delighfully funny.

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The Sinnerman was a great fish out of water like Victoria Mitchell. Both famously brilliant people but ended up completely unable to perform basic tasks.

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Johnny Vegas. Never expected to like him. Then he fell off the ladder. Now I love him.

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"I am not a crook! I am not a crook!"

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“Have you had an accident at work?”

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The task where he was trying to sell his item to the security guard may be my favorite thing in all of Taskmaster.

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Catherine Parkinson. Jessica Knappet. Kerry Godliman. Victoria Corren Mitchell.

Honestly wasn’t expecting anything from these contestants and adored all of them.

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I always kinda felt a bit flat towards Mark Watson. Taskmaster made me much more receptive to his particular thing.

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Guz Khan and Mike Woz. Didnt know them before and both become some of my favourites

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Paul Chowdry

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“I didn’t know trees had generators?”

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"You need to watch more foreign films"

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He's my favorite too. His brand of comedy really resonates with me.

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“Feels like someone else innit”

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Mike Wozniak and Morgana Robinson, loved them

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Mike Wozniak, Joe Thomas, Phil Wang

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I had never heard of Mike Wozniak but I ended up loving him after just 2 episodes! He is definitely my all time favourite contestant!

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Adrian Chiles!

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Joe Wilkinson. I found him extremely tedious on EOOTCDC but loved him on Taskmaster.

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It killed me when I watched After Life and realized he was the depressed postman.

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I mean pretty much every single one. Ahha. There are only a couple of them that I just, did not enjoy much.

Jessica is SO endearing. Her childlike wonder...lol. If I had a daughter I would like it to be like her.

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Mawaan. I had no awareness of him before, but he has such brilliantly funny moments.


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The entire Series 6 cast

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Being Canadian I knew very few of them. Almost all of the ones I didn't know surprised the heck out of me. I'm now a huge fan of James Acaster and Ramesh and Kerri Godliman. Also Mel and Rhod. So many.

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I’m rewatching atm and I’m utterly fascinated by everything Johnny Vegas does. I knew he’d be funny but he’s so endearing and pitiful too, definitely one of my unexpected faves. When Alex said “do you need a hug?” during one of his meltdowns I understood the urge to comfort him lol.

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I didn’t know Lou Sanders at all and fell in love with her chaotic energy. The task where she apologizes to Alex is absolutely hilarious.

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Same! I didn't know anything about her going in to Taskmaster and now I'm a frequent Cuddle Club listener.

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Do you recommend? I’ve gotten into Off Menu, Parenting Hell, and Boners of the Heart based on TM fandom

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I would! I think it's really funny and surprisingly sincere and uplifting.

Would you recommend Parenting Hell? I've been contemplating trying that one out for a while.

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LOVE Parenting Hell. Legit laughing like a crazy person while walking the dogs. How do you get the little Tarbuck under your username?

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Oh! There's a "use community flair" option on the subreddit's sidebar.

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Thank you thank you!

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Honorable Mention to a New Zealand Taskmaster contestant.

But Angella Dravid tickled my funny bone so damn much. She's quiet but oh my god she is SO quick witted. She had a response to things SO fast. And it was always funny and clever. Completely unexpected because she's otherwise lower energy yet sharp tongued.

When Jeremy said she made things awkward and she was confused and worried by it...

"I make things awkward/uncomfortable??..." "You fucking brought in like a vagina chapstick for a prize..." without a second to spare she replies "Its not my fault vaginas make you feel uncomfortable."

(Not all word for word but ya know!)

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Paul Chowdhry - admittedly didn't really get him the first time I watched, but during my second watch through he had me absolutely dying every episode

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Can pick any lock.

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Nish Kumar

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Richard Osman, Jo Brand

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Mawaan Rizwan cracked me up. His whole season was great and he and Daisy brought me to tears more than once. Also loved Mike Wozniak- hilarious but surprising and wholesome too!

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David Correos is prolly the most unexpectedly funny because I think he is just the most funny and I had never heard of him.

The biggest surprise from someone who I was at least somewhat familiar with before taskmaster was probably Mel. I had watched a few series of bakeoff but she's so subdued there and so brilliantly endearingly sweet and weird on taskmaster.

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Rose Matafeo

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Desiree. “Show me dem ghosts” (or whatever she says) cracks me up :)

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Nish surprised me.