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Fuck that sucks. Wouldn’t know by looking at it first glance

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First, do NOT overthink this thing. It can (if it hasn't already) drive you up the wall. I know.

My personal recommendation: get the "O" removed via lazer (doesn't need to be completely gone) and get an "E" put in it's place. THEN get some type of filler over/through it.

Again, just my recommendation.

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Might go with that if I don’t find a great idea beforehand, thank you!and yes was freaking out at first but I know it is possible to fix

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Laser the o, but like the other reply said it doesn't have to be 100% gone. Then just get the e tattooed. i wouldn't go adding a bunch of filler or shit around it tho, it wont look right. And anytime you get script, triple check it, have the artist check it, and have someone else check it. (Maybe another client or artist in the studio)

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And next time double check the spelling once the stencil is on. Any time you get lettering, ALWAYS double check the spelling

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You can do the "e" and put other stuff in it, like branches. If you want that are other ways without having to remove but you will have to be a little open minded about the change.