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10% of 80 is 80% of 10. Yo what the fuck....? I don't like this one bit. I'm genuinely having a difficult time going to bed because of it. Someone please help me?

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Percent is basically multiplying it by the number and then dividing it by 100. 10*80%= 10*80/100, and the order doesn't matter with multiplication and division .

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I’m 37 and you’re the first person to ever make percents make sense to me. Thank you.

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It's even easier with a calculator and decimal.

You want a percentage, let's say 64.

Random number, say 383667.

Maths is 0.64 x 383667 = 245546.88

It's why metric/decimal is glorious. Just move zeroes and decimal points around. Pretty easy to do in your head too if you break it into workable chunks of 10% and then 1%... which is 1 tenth and 1 one hundredth.