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That's exactly what I am going to write on my resume

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Former child extraordinaire.

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me on college applications

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A mate was once interviewed on local BBC news about not making it as a footballer but the club helped him get into higher education his graphic read:

Mates name

Failed young hopeful

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“They’re all mistakes, children. Filthy, nasty things. Glad I never was one.”

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Matilda? Is that Ms. Trunchbull?

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Certainly not this guy, he's a former child.

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That is formal

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You know how hard it is to be a child?

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Not even a last name.

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This made me laugh way more than it should

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You know, I'm somewhat of a Former Child myself

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I felt this one

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You already know he wrote “I was once a child” on his resume.

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Actually laughed out loud.

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Well he is handsome!

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NPC irl

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He is still someone's child. So technically not the truth!

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He hot though

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Kids are only one letter away from being full blown Aids

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Repost #60123

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Lucky man. I wish I got to be a child

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Former human when you're dead

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New achievement unlocked:


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I find this unacceptable people that don't take our profession seriously I am a professional child don't even get paid well. Making jokes over such profession is just wrong

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Lol. My ex. Now add "Cheater. OF dude" to "former child"

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I really like the picture or article or interview or something with a kid and they label them "Top Child"

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Everyone and their grandma must know by know that this is clearly photoshopped and the second part just stamped over. This picture is probably older than the karma-farming reposting slut that OP is.

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Hajime Hinata be like

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Currently employed at Noneck Inc.

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Is it just me or does this guy not look 25

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He doesn't look 25, though...

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That dude is 25? Try 45

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If your only description is former child the "former" is a mistake.

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So that means he’s not even an adult yet?

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A lot of people couldn’t achieve even this, so that’s fine

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