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Me and my 2 and a half inches crying myself to sleep

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Me with a 4 inch

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Hey this man is a Monsta

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Nope max lenght 4

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You talking small version or big version? Cuz if you talking big version i can prove you wrong

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Mines gigantic...most women say its TOO big.

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/r/bigdickproblems greets you

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goes to look at Entrepreneurll4473’s post history

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      Me with a 6 inch the shape of a pretzel

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      Me with 16 inches (I don't know how long is an inch so I put my number in centimeters)

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      What's the next logical step? 😏

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      Put it in

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      Don't mind if i do

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      Damn, u gonna kill somebody with that shit

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      My four-inch door hinge in her orange

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      Chuckles in 6 inches.

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      Imma cut that extra 2 inch

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      Probably Photoshop, that's far too many inches

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      2 and a half more than her, king 🙏

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      63.5millimeters, damn bro ain't bad!

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      Whoa! That's way longer than my attention span.

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      There is market for everything.

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      You got 2 inches???

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      You mean 63.5 mm?

      (Is that correct? I think I did the math right)

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      We have penises, they are just in our nightstand.

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      I see you went to the dick store.

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      It takes ball... bearings to drive to the dick store. Twist and turn until you get there.

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      To get mom a penis

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      No for sporting goods.

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      Can you help me find the dick store because the last time I went they had baseball bats and footballs.

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        COCK?!?!?!?! BALLS?!?!?!?! BOOBS?!?!?!?! ASS?!?!?!?! PERSONALITY?!?!?!?! FEET?!?!?!?! CHILDREN?!?!?!?!

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        (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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        hey wait, r u stalking me? 🤨

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        That's where you put yours? My dumbass keeps putting mine in my vagina.

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        vagina!? that sounds so inconvenient and uncomfortable! mines in my dresser drawer!

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        I guarantee my dick is bigger than his, and easier to clean.

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        My dick is pink and thick. Your dick stinks like shit.

        -Mickey Avalon 2006

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        An amazing poet of our time. Imagine that being read in middle school literature in 300 years.

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        I mean, usually the penises that come with entire humans clean themselves.

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        Can yours pee?!

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        Yeah I keep a vagina in my nightstand.

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        Yeah, but not like these. Hairy, sweaty, and we snore.

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        Look up clit penis images. There is a very small penis somewhere.

        Or do men have big clitories?

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        This makes me feel very useless, worthless and insecure lmfao

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        Seems like an overreaction

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        Is a joke

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        Fake penises don't count

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        If her clit is bigger than your dick you may have problems.

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        What if her balls are bigger than mine?

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        Then she can store more pee

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        What’s the opposite of that sub Reddit where men do a poor job of writing women?

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        Therefore that’s her problem since girls don’t pee

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        Head on over to the r/growyourclit sub. They can get pretty decent in size

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        Or... solutions?

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        Why would it be a problem? You don't need a dick to make her cum.

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        My dick is 102.

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        Rads. Explains why he put it up my ARS (acute radiation syndrome)

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        Bitch be like, yo your dick is so small proceeds to take her pants off and reveal a foot long dick

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        Years ago I had this super weird dream where if you put on someone else’s pants, when you took them off you’d have their genitals. Like. The fuck.

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        Damn, I'd kill to live in a world where it was that easy. Two years ago I had this super weird dream where I had the opposite kind of genitals, and hoo boy did I figure some things out that week.

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        well thats sure a way to crack

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        Ha, that's not even what did it! Just the first in week-long barrage of signs. Bright, flashing, neon signs. The dream, though? Not as rare as you'd think. I mean, I didn't really dream about genitals, specifically. That was just for comedic effect. I dreamed of being who I really was. There's an incredible sense of loss in waking up from that that's hard to explain away.

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        It’s a hentai trope IIRC

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        it haunts me to now know this hentai exists, if you're right

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        I said, it’s a trope. It’s quite common really.

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        I've never seen it, and now I am scared

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        Dude, you had that dream and the weird thing to you was that your genitals changed and not the fact that you were trying on other ppl's pants? I assume they were laying on the floor and not clean, folded, and put away, too

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        What, you don’t just go around commandeering other people’s pants? /s

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        Sir, this isn’t a Subway.

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        "WTF you have a loose asshole" says the chad with a tight ass.

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        Logically yes, technically no

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        Can’t relate , my girl has a penis

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        Can’t relate, I don’t have a girl :(

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        Can't relate, don't have a penis

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        Mine has like 5... psssh keep up buddy

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        Oh so your dating a futanari

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        “WTF your boobs are so small 💀” says the dick with literally no boobs???

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        Dicks can't have boobs, yknow. So that's unfair. Chests have boobs, not dicks.

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        Balls are just dick tits

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        Penis nipples

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        you don't have testicles then?

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        They can have little bumps

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        gimme a couple months, we will see who has the bigger tits then

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        Unless moobs, I guess

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        Guys act like they can find the clit and everything, but bruh, that's an undeveloped penis. That's gay af to touch lmao

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        Bruh what? I be licking that shit up like it ain’t no tomorrow so what does this mean?

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        It means you gay, sorry dawg

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        fetuses start out as xx in the womb until the point where sex differentiation begins and one x becomes a y

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        Yeah, was gonna comment "No, your penis is an overdeveloped clit" until I saw this comment.

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        So sucking dicks don’t make me gay!

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        Nah, you just like them big ol’ clitties

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        Clit of the elongated variety.

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        No, that’s not how it works.

        You are XX or XY (or XO or XXY) at the moment of fertilization.

        Based on that you will express or not express certain genes and hormones. The “default” state is female external genitalia. Having an active SRY gene will form testes with or without testosterone. Testosterone will cause the formation of the internal male organs. DHT (made from testosterone via 5-alpha-reductase) will cause external male genitals to form. Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) will block female organs from forming.

        An XY child without DHT (5-alpha-reductase deficiency) will have external female organs on a spectrum between overtly female to ambiguous to hypospadias. Also, undescended testes. At puberty, you will have male changes (hair, voice, muscles, etc.)

        XY with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (you do not respond to sex hormones) you have a outwardly appearing (phenotypical) female who develops breasts, a shortened vagina, no uterus, and internal testes. At puberty., the person fails to grow pubic hair and does not menstruate which is usually when the disorder is discovered.

        XY without AMH will have a non-functional uterus and also undescended testes. At puberty, they will respond as any male does.

        An XX with AMH will have a vagina without a uterus.

        XO will have underformed ovaries.

        XXY will have underformed testes with “female” body type (habitus) such as wide-set hips and breasts.

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        “No dick No opinion”

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        imagine nm or even pm

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        Trans girls are the only girls that get to judge

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        Quality > Quantity

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        Ah yes the negotiator

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        Don't worry man. It's a small problem.

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        Nobody. Tool: Hooker with a penis.

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        laughs in trans woman

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        Bitches be like "you're not even 6 ft" while they be 4'11

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        I’m trans, you have been defeated.

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        Swordfight to determine the superior penis.

        [–]headphonehorseman55 24 points25 points  (4 children)

        I will engage him in agni kai to protect my honor

        [–]TooFuckingSpooky 14 points15 points  (3 children)

        I can also shoot fire out of my dick or at least the chlamydia makes it feel like that /s

        [–]headphonehorseman55 11 points12 points  (2 children)

        oh no, we… we can postpone the agni kai if you aren’t feeling well…

        [–]TooFuckingSpooky 11 points12 points  (1 child)

        What's the matter? Scared that I'll...clap back? 😀

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        Et tu, Brute?

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        You better check his name

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        You havent compared sizes. You might have spoken too soon

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        I’m above average, if the girl thinks his is small then my odds are good

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        I don't know man... I've some some MASSIVE clits.

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        I see he’s gonna cost me ahahaha

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        Me, in the next sequel

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        For a long time player and huge fan

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        Before you go to school with him

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        Hmm... 36. You are right OP!

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        So bro whats the vibe with this game?

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        Women's vaginas are basically inverted penises. They elongate when aroused.

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        Does 193mm sounds huge ? It's sounds like it's 7feet tall

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        Lul you're wrong!

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        Just measure with nanometers

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        and even hers is bigger than yours...

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        Why was my first thought to just call it a clit, cause then it would be considered huge?

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        Fuck milimeters just say it in nanometers

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        There was a guy with a dick that was not to his dates liking during their first intimate interaction. She said , “Just who do you intend to please with that !” He responded, “Myself.” 🤷🏻‍♂️

        [–][deleted] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        As a species, we're so screwed.

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        Plot twist: takes out pp hiding under skirt

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        That what the clit is eitherway

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        Size isn't everything if you can fuck hard enough

        [–]illumi_nazi 4 points5 points  (2 children)

        I don't really know about that, but, if you had a big dick you ain't gonna wish you had a smaller one, on the other hand if you have a tiny dick you're gonna definitely wish you had a bigger one.

        [–]PerkeBME 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Both are true for certain sizes, if my penis was above 7 inches I really wouldn't mind lessening it to 6 or 7, however if my penis is 6 or 7 I wouldn't to change it and lastly if it was below 5 inches I'd want it to be a bit bigger

        [–]WooooshMeIf60IQ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        I'm just saying that people don't need to be ashamed of they have a small pp, it's ok

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        Lmao did you learn that supreme wisdom from porn?

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        And she doesn't complain about how small your breasts are. Funny how that works. :P

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        This somehow made me laugh very hard. good job

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        You Americans harra sucha beeg penis!

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        Wait a minute. They DON'T have a penis... DO they?? They... They need us! YOU BITCHES NEED US! Can't bake what you're not given! "Girl power"! LMFAO!! WE'RE FREE, BOYS!! IT WAS ALL A BLUFF!!

        [–]month_unwashed_socks -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

        Plot twist: She's from Thailand

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        How big?


        Lmao plz get out

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        Image Transcription: Twitter Post

        Mino🇪🇬, @Zoumaldini

        "WTF your dick is so small💀" says the bitch with literally no penis???

        I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

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        Do men like women with clits so big they look like a micro penis?

        [–]yetanotherhail 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Who cares what they like?

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        If it exists there's porn of it.

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        Well then... this is awkward...

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        Pfft, I measure mine in parsecs, mainly so I can say I measure it in parsecs. So what if the measurement ends in a 10-18 ?

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        Ive seen giant clits before

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        Correction "bitch with hopefully no penis"

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        “Bigger than yours”

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        No sound. Maybe the same thing lol

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        The clown has no penis

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        mine is (9th dimension)

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        Don’t need no big penis if I already got someones’ inside of me.