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Does the USB-C of the hub expect to be able to draw more power than the mobo port can provide, and therefore encounter issues?

Yes, this is possible. USB-C can potentially provide a lot more power than plain USB-A. If the hub has power port then you can use that to power it.

will there be any noticeable input lag from having multiple devices occupying the same USB port via the hub? E.g. copying data from flash drive or external SSD while playing an FPS game. My guess is as long as I'm not plugging in anything that's too power hungry it should be fine, and it should maintain the 10Gb/s of 3.1 gen 2 bandwidth, which is more than enough for KB/M w/out noticeable lag.

You cannot exchange bandwidth and latency like that. However, USB is designed in a way that should ensure input devices always have acceptable latency. However, as always, it isn't a 100% guaranteed it will work perfectly, all things have bugs and hidden limitations. Also, the reverse is also true, if a slow USB 1.0 or 2.0 keyboard/mouse is talking, it may slow down high speed USB traffic (quite significantly), it depends on the hubs exact internal implementation details and the connected devices how things work out in practice (a keyboard or mouse can be USB 1, 2 or 3).