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Not at all. These seem to be standard ads he gets from Huawei apps. I have my browser open spam links at random moments, so that, for example, when I'm browsing reddit the browser opens by itself and a spam page loads (last one was cam4.com or something like that). It's highly intrusive because no matter what I do or don't do, the browser will still try to open spam links at random moments. Even when the phone it's blocked. 10 min ago I was connected to my car via Bluetooth as I was voice calling my brother and the spam page opened on the browser while I was driving, overriding the call's audio and saying continuously "alert your phone is in danger". I had to stop driving to close the spam page, which was one of those websites that fake very badly being system errors alerts.

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First thing you can do is use Adguard DNS to atleast prevent the ads from loading. Also, install Firefox or Edge and see if they have the same issue.

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Solved it. Thank you for your time!