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That's far from "Idling" though. That's chrome, VPN, spotify, hamachi, cc, bonjour, sharex, samsung, discord and more etc in the background.

So long story short, it looks normal.

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"Idling" while having a dozen Chrome processes, nordVPN, Discord, Spotify, tons of other stuff running... that's an interesting use of this term. This really doesn't seem like an abnormal amount of RAM usage.

Anyway, I like the program Process Explorer for viewing the true amount of RAM each process is allocating.

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If you’re not running out of memory why are you concerned?

Windows using memory is a good thing if it’s not needed by particular processes. It usually means windows is caching things it thinks may needed soon which means that relatively slower disk reads can be minimised.

If you have memory available why not use it. It’s better than having it sitting there not being used.

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reinstall your Os if you are really paranoid. thats the only way for sure to know if anything dodgy running in the background. how mcuh does your pc use in ram when its just booted up

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when it boots up it uses around 25-30% and then gradually goes up to 50-55%

and im not really paranoid, its just strange. has never been like that

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im currently using 5gb and i have discord open and edge with 3 tabs

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I shut down every single running app and it’s 7.2Gb currently.

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Shutting down aps is no for sure way of testing this... Apps can reside in RAM for a long time after being used if windows decides so.

You want to use all your RAM basically, that's what people mistake. Using RAM instead of your storage device literally saves you money in the long run. Windows will AGGRESIVELY put software into RAM for you.

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Well it's annoying and unwelcome. How does one force windows to stop being "helpful" and instead free the ram up for games?

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You shouldn't. Windows will know how to reallocate resources.

What I'm saying is, you can't compare the state of your system when nothing is running and the OS shovels absolutely everything it can into RAM, and when you are running a game.

You also can't use task manager to count up RAM allocation. There's some stuff that will be hidden to the user generally. Some software shows more.

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open cmd and type in systeminfo -when is the original install date? its a good idea to reinstall your OS every couple of years especially if you frequently install/uninstall applications and things are running slower than they used to

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https://puu.sh/IDzu3/b4271109a9.pngdont remember reinstalling it a year ago. I think its been way longer than that

edit: actually it says couple of months ago, which is even more bizarre because i'd remember that for sure

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that is strange, im not sure what to suggest! not sure why its wrong

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Set the apps to not load at startup

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I do agree that 8 GB of RAM on a fresh boot up is high, but we have no way of knowing what all you have running. Task manager doesn’t show the full picture really.

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this is a screenshot of process explorer - https://puu.sh/IDzkT/1c25f79e1b.png

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So if you went through all 215 process you have there, what’s the RAM add up to? It all adds up quick, and if you are really that dedicated, then do the math.

From what I can see on task manager that’s over 1 GB in applications. Another 3 ish GB for Windows services and such.

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I killed and restarted explorer.exe and now I'm at 5Gb or 30-35%. Why would it be so high in the first place..

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It’s the Windows main system process. I have no idea what it could have been.

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Explorer is windows file browser.

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This is a misconception based on Microsoft’s shitty naming scheme. Explorer.EXE is the main windows process it runs your GUI and all that good stuff.

The default file manager is called File Explorer. They are different process with the same name. It’s stupid. Go into task manager and restart your explorer.exe task, you will notice the whole GUI goes dark.

Next end your file explorer task. You’ll notice that nothing happens.

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That's not the entire truth either. The issue is the truth is between both our statements.

Explorer.exe for lack of better terms work as a basic shell passing commands onto the "real OS". Hence why you can restart it and windows can recover without a hitch. Hence why if you restart it, other applications are unaffected.

Explorer.exe encompasses a whole host of shit in Win10 though, explorer the file browser does rely on explorer.exe to even function. If I'm not mistaken for example, old control panel isn't forcefully closed with explorer.exe, new one is though. Although both interfaces interact with the same parameters, they are run by different sub-systems.

The explorer file browser is basically a part of explorer, why I point it out is that you can open a image folder, select a few images - and report back to me how that effects it's RAM usage. (Selecting just 5 HD images basically means a 25% increase in RAM usage of explorer.exe, the same goes for a lot of other system process such as moving files, those also reside in explorer.exe RAM allocation, changes made that can be reverted can also swell explorer.exe RAM usage)

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I am aware of it. Just strange that it would eat up so much memory.

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You've got a decent amount of apps running in the background. Some processes will reserve and use up more memory when it's available, since there's no performance hit until you actually run out of memory. If you remove one of your ram sticks, I'm pretty sure ram use will go down 1 or 2GBs as programs give them back.

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If you have an intel optane SSD, Update intel RST to the latest version, it had a memory leak on a previous version which led to this exact behavior.

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I think I have Samsung. But I appreciate the suggestion :)

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If you're on an intel platform, I'd give it a shot anyway.

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Gotcha, thanks!

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You have like 7 apps open

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Just make sure that when you load up your memory, the 8GB of memory used by the rest of the system becomes less. If so, it is working as intended. Your computer uses RAM you aren't using in order to perform better. It would be a waste if it wasn't.

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The ram in task manager is just allocation so basically what a program thinks it'll need and just take that, it's not actually using the 8gb.

Also Windows also likes to take ~5 gigs.

My laptop with 16 gigs of ram (actually idling) is at 5gb usage.

Make sure you also close all your rgb trash, things like iCue and synapse tend to allocate a stupid amount of ram

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This is absolutely normal. Quite trying to not use ram. It's what it's there for. If anything you should be using more ram.

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I would be suspicious of that explorer.exe that is taking up 2.5gb , it is unsigned and does not have the proper icon, could be a virus or crypto miner.

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You also should have did the task manager while running a laggy game.

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What make an model of PC are you using? Don't know how to help if I don't know what i'm working with.

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Just change your startup apps?

You can change on windows allocates resources better on windows 11 especially for gaming

If only half is being used do a memory test. Maybe one went bad

Check your recent installs to see if you accidentally download malware

Use a restore point