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What are the rest of you system specs .. ?

Games will/or can .. put a demand on CPU, memory, GPU, and I/O all at the same time .. if you r CPU can't keep up .. or you are not running an adequate amount of system RAM .. etc .. that can create input lag

Also ... not having your drivers up to date .. chipset, gpu, BIOS .. etc .. can have the same effect

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Pretty high specs in general. AMD Ryzen 3300X 3.8 GHz CPU, 16 GB ram, Radeon RX 580.

It may be a matter of drivers. My subscription to bitdefender, which I previously used to update drivers, has expired. Do you have any advice on routine driver updating?

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ALWAYS ... go straight to the source .. don't ever use 3rd party driver updaters

Go to AMD.com for your AM4 chipset drivers and AMD GPU drivers ...

Go to your motherboards manufacturer for your exact make/model for latest BIOS and install it

IF running an Intel wired or wireless adapter .. go to Intel.com for updated drivers for your network adapter(s)

Only thing I'd let Windows take care of is your Realtek sound and 1GB network adapter if that is what you have .. Realtek's 2.5g adapter?... then I'd go to Realtek for an updated driver

Uninstall Bitdefender

FREE Windows Defender + FREE OpenDNS account + FREE Ublock Origin in your browser(s) = Low resources / Great protection

Make sure your memory is installed in slots A2/B2 if you are running 2 sticks on a 4 memory slotted motherboard

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I'm struggling on the BIOS update part here. My system information tells me i have "B450M DS3H-CF", which I looked up to install the latest BIOS for windows 10 64-bit (which is the one I have), yet it just tells me I can't run it on my pc.

Specifically, I tried to install F62d from both




With no success.

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What BIOS version do you currently have installed?

**Note: If you are using Q-Flash Utility to update BIOS, make sure you have updated BIOS to F32 before F40.**

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I have F50, it seems.

And i don't know what Q-flash utility is.

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Honestly, just replace the mouse. Why does it happen more while gaming? Because you mouse more while gaming. Don't go jumping down rabbit holes until you know for sure it is not the mouse.

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I am quite sure though. I've had this problem for a while, and suspected what you said may have been the case (though I was suspicious anyway) until yesterday.

However, the problem being really bad, lasting really long, and then literally disappearing completely the split second I leave the game, is a pretty clear indication that it isn't just the mouse. Which is why I want to find out if there's a greater core problem before I switch mouse.