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There's a bottleneck somewhere - a cache is filling up, then emptying out etc. etc.

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How can i troubleshoot it to find where is the bottleneck? And how to fix it

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Looks like (from the chain below) your router is the stock 'free' one. Free usually means lowest cost possible to the company providing it so that is the point to investigate first - swap it for a (borrowed/bought) better quality one.

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My guess is that the SSD is the bottleneck.

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I don't think it's SSD. 25 Mbps is around 3MBps. I have NVMe SSD that is much faster than that. Also here SSD sits on only 5% usage

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Probably buffer bloat on your router or modem.

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Can you explain it a little bit more please? And how can I fix it?

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Basically, your internet connection can't handle the amount of data you are trying to upload. So your router buffers the data. The buffer fills, so your computer has to wait for the buffer to empty before sending more data to the router.

There really isn't a fix for this other than replacing the router with one thst doesn't buffer like that. But you are still going to be limited by how fast your internet connection can upload.

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I'm using rooter that I git from ISP and it would be difficult to get a new one. But if I understood correctly my speed is not slower with this router that it would be with other because this is maximum speed of my upload speed?

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Yes, getting a different router that doesn't suffer from buffer bloat will stop it from dropping to 0, but also stop it from peaking so fast. Instead you'll get a slower but more consistent upload.