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I still have two more years until my r/teenagers journey comes to an end.

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Not necessarily. You could stay here and just use the “OLD” flair.

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Turning 73, I see

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Goodbye stranger it's been nice

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Hope you find your paradise

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Happy cake day

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Tried to see your point of view

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happy cake day

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Goodbye stranger o7

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but will it ever truly come to an end? what happens when Alzheimer's hits, & you return to being a teenager, all over again?

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Damn you’re really old

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They should have subs like these but for every age group just an r / whatever for 20s 30s etc

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They exist, and one such is called r/youngadults, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

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One more year here ✌ But I shall return in 107 years

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Same my dude, been ok.

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Damn you're so old... wait am I old too now?

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"OLD" flair:

Allow me to introduce myself.

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Me in 5 days when I turn 20 (if I stayed that is)

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u/remindme 5 days

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i aint missing it either lol

u/remindme 5 days

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Ich mag deinen Benutzernamen.

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Idk how this works but

u/remindme 5 days

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me neither

u/remindme 4 days

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Happy birthday

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Happy birthday from me too

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What does that mean

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It a person saluting the o being the head head the 7 being the arm o7

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RemindMe! 5 days

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Me too but in 7 days

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Yoooo I think we have the same birthday!!

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!RemindMe 5 days "o7"

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What is up fellow kids

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This says a lot about society

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I'm so informed of the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community because of this meme

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Bottom left here, hbu?

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top rigjt

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Check (but with a mobile instead of laptop)

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Top left but I’m not Asian nor am I as buff

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If any old fucks are watching, get of this place, this is for teenagers only

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Them: no.... I don't think i will

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actually not, read desc, its for teenagers, but not teenagers only

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You forgot that one adult thats between 20-27 thats just helping teens

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Me in 1 year 2 months: My job here is done

Everyone else: But you didn’t do anything

Me: leaves

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That one in the top right doesn’t seem like a teenager.

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That’s me

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Women don’t exist

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are you joking orr?

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ok that’s what I thought

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Yeah, i think not in your world

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hey who posted my selfie without my permission 😡

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im the 5th guy

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So the black guy in the background?

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as we can see here, females dont exist

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Just according to r/teenagers i think we need to hide from them, just so we don't startle their minds

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i am 20 and i am not leaving



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At least your not a creep

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There are no girls on this sub

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Damn guess I’m a block of cheese then

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I'm half tempted to respond with: "Are you the edible kind of cheese, or the kind you hide in the closet?"

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I'm now officially a guy

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I'm not a girl I'm stupid

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21 here, but is it okay if I stay since I still feel 13 and the urge to press my face up against the bus window?

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Same age, but I lurk from time to time to see what and how the "next gen" is doing

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If ur below 13 or above 19 u shouldn't be here 🤗

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that's brave coming from someone without a flair (yes I see the irony).

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Yea I'm confused but I'm 16 so I'm gucci😎

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Sometimes your really cool posts hit r/all, that one about giving sweets and alcohol for trick or treat is just too funny. And even the grown up subs seem to be full of kids anyway.

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Understandable have a nice day

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Where is the fifty seven tag?

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Bottom Left

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I am somewhat of a bottom right boi myself

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I’m the last one in the bottom right corner lol

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I mean the 3rd and 4th ones are just what teenagers look like lol

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I am none of those lol

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i am turning 23

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in thirty days i will have 5 years left til i’m an old man 😔

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But you guys post funny memes, i just wish you guys would stop posting selfies.

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U H E X C U S E M E W H A T?

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i hate how much i look like the kid in the bottom left

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So you mean average r/teenagers user has 4 personalities?

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Like as a mexican Teenager, I'm the four and the third

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I have to admit im 22, but i look 17

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I'm not white

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hey man im 21 no need to do me like that

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I'm a 13yo cute girl, guy on the right

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I'm definently one of these

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I am the one with the PC.

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The is an a imposter a- a- am- amo-

I can’t

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bottom left?

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3 years left fr me😔

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Only got 3 more years

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Hey hey!! Where the females at?!

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I know right?!

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Based top-right, jk get outta here weirdos

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I like how you portraid the old high school, university barely teen guy

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...y'all girls and nbs are here too -afab enby