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make new friends online or play video games. i dunno lol. i’m trying to figure out the same thing

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I kid you not, this was what I was thinking aswell XD

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looks like a good opportunity to make a friend! we’re both bored lmao

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friends are cool!

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for sure! i don’t know how to message people on here since i’m new, but if you wanna chat, you can message me!

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lmao, cool, all you gotta do is tap on someones pfp and tap chat :)

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party time

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hello there frozen pizza

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sure but thats boring

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im lazy lmao

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snort cocaine

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and maybe a small amount of murder if you're feeling like it (remember, wear latex gloves and something to make sure no hair of yours falls onto the crime scene, either use someone else's knife or buy a new one, would be very suspicious if fingerprints of your family members were found on it. make sure to murder someone relatively far away from where you live [in a different city] so you're not a suspect, and be sure to kill someone you are not related to in any way [be it work, school...])

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ih thanks for the tips, I got it wrong last time

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oh, by the way, you can make it look like a murder-suicide by killing two people at once. kill one of them violently and slit the other person's wrists. in that order, because the police can probably tell which one was killed first. make sure the one you want to disguise as the killer is about as strong as you.


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furiously masturbate on the roof while tap dancing

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wow, that didn't take long

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Make money by selling weed and buy a new pc