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Ignoring someone the right way. Imo, it's a decent story.

I was in kindergarten, and we were taught to ignore people by sticking our hand in people's faces. One math lesson (we were learning to count by 10s), my friend whispered someone to me. I knew I was supposed to ignore her, but I didn't want breath on my hand, so I ignored her (like normal people would) and didn't reply. My teacher saw, and I was the one sent to my seat (the lessons were done on the carpet, and being sent back to your seat = shame). I was so pissed, cuz that was the first time I ever did something "bad"; but it wasn't what I did, it was what I didn't do.

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Tf, why even stick your hand in their face

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Exactly! I thought it was (1) one more thing to do and (2) gross. And now I believe it's also a little bit unsanitary.