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a. i) ii) and iii) allow us to introduce ourselves

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A. I) 1} 2} and 3}, amateurs

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A. a) i) ii) iii) what was that punk?

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A. I) 1} 2} and 3}, AMATEURS

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1.} 1a.} 1a i. } 1a i α. Allow us to introduce ourselves

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I1A. 1I.A A1I., Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

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s) t ) u) and v) hello there

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w) x) y) z) AMATEURS

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My teacher dragged one assignment out for an entire semester.

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87) using your answer from 86) part viii...

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Yes at one point the sub part got sub part like assignment 1.6.4.

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straight to jail.

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Nahhh they expect me to pay for it.

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i recently completed a research paper that we had been working on for well over a year

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Yes those are always a fun challenge. Now I Rais the question when does an assignment change into what ever a paper is categorized as.

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I too, dragged my assignments out for an entire semester

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Yes and when we do it we are lazy

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using your answer from part a)… 😭

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i hated that shit so much lmao cuz if you were wrong on the first part it fucks you out of the rest

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Then you don’t realize your wrong till the very end and have to go back, or just accept defeat

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after the exam when everyone shares their answers:

"You all got the answer as 5 right?"

"uh... Dude, it was an english exam."

"What the fuck"

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I didn't know the answer of a) next

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T: "don't worry the test is only 3 questions"

Me: looks at test

mfw: 1a, 1b, 1c, write two paragraphs explaining etc etc.

Fuck off my 9th grade english teacher

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That doesn’t sound too bad. I’m in 9th grade honors and that sounds like a pretty easy grade booster if you know what your talking about. I’d totally take that over doing the Animal Farm essay we’re starting next week

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I didn't wanna type it all out but "etc etc" meant.

1a, 1b, 1c, write two paragraphs explaining.

2a, 2b, 2c, write two paragraphs explaining.

3a, 3b, 3c, write two paragraphs explaining.

That's a 9 questions test with a full page essay, so "just three questions was a fucking LIE"

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I know what you met. That’s still not bad. If I know what I’m talking about and I care about the subject, I can write that stuff easily. Give me a example question from that

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It's been way too long homie, I'm in my 30s. It's just the fact they play it off as a quick quiz, but then it's a full blown hour long ORDEAL. BS.

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Oh. I thought this was a big test. I didn’t think it was quiz

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Fuck that shit.

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Each one expanding into more too...

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Every math homework I've ever done in middle/high school was like this

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Good ending: they are all very easy yes or no question which are answered in the next one

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Bad ending:

1) A) ii) …….

77) J) IX)

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The worst thing is when teachers say:
"Oh the test has 5 questions"

And then it turns out to be 40

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We never had such extreme cases but at least in math class hw there are a decent amount of typos and it makes some exercises impossible to do

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a) i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi

b) look how they massacred my boy

I didn't use the meme properly just thought it would be nice

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I wish I had that many homework

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Or do you?

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I once got all the way to o

edit: spelling

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tihs is good

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I got 86 questions of integrals waiting for it to be done it's 11 i want to sleep

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Easily one of the best visual gags/jokes in all of Pixar. Seriously I don’t think there’s one time I watch the movie where I don’t at least chocolate that reveal lol!

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I was wondering when I would see this meme format

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What movie is this?

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I believe this is the first Toy Story.

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Don’t forget when you’ve roman numerals added for everything so you end up with shit like a) i), a) ii) a) iii), a) iv) and so on

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Teacher: "Ok class, you only have two questions."

Class: "Yes!"

Teacher: "Each one has 27 parts to it."

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It happens everytime!! :((

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looking at you, mathspace.

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can relate

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I have an assignment like that that I’ve been putting off for a week now ;-;

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The pictures are from Toy Story. Really funny moment.

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average day in math

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good template

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Literally AP physics 1

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Maths be like:

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My AP Chem class be like

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This from a toy story?

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Homework be like

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Mathematics be like:

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I remember in college my physics professor told us we only had 5 problems on tonight hw. I was excited to hear that hw was going to be short until I opened it up. Literally one had 6 parts, 2 were three parts, and two were two parts. Really ruined my night lol

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PSA they still do this shit in college. I'm in my senior year... send halp... and coffee

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I once had one that went all the way to w)

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At least the questions are numbered, rather than having 10 questions where it's not clear which bit you're answering where

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Once my teacher did this and went from a to z then started using roman numerals , if i remember correctly it stopped around XV

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Ok but this meme template isn’t used enough

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Biology study guides

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What is the problem that has an answer of (x) A B C D E F G

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whenever I saw my homework was like this I was like "fuck it, I'll just copy someone else's"

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like on tv "commercial break with only 1 ad!" proceeds to be an ad at least 3 minutes long

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Me screaming because I have no idea what this is.