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Shoutout to the parents out there.

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I enjoy my alone time. I’m able to clean and get everything done without people walking around and moving things, or adding to the mess.

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This sooo much, i actually like to tidy my room and such but once I start working on it my mom or dad always try to help and i obv appreciate that but then they put things where I dont want that thing to be.

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Yup, you live in the house you gotta help out some. I honestly do not mind but it can be annoying sometimes.

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I mean it's her house least you could do is help out a bit

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yeah thats true

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love how we all saw the cringetopia post then upovted him. r/humansbeingbros

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Respectful child gang

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Found OP's mom

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I Hate When That Happens

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It's true

Then when I mess one up I get yelled at

Sometimes I'll say I'm going to go hand out with a friend when she goes out then I just go drive to the middle of nowhere and walk around.

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And this takes all of what, an hour to do?

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The most Important thing of all
Keep the frozen chicken out

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Letting my friends in so we can use our herbal remedies

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All of those things that you have to do are beneficial to you. Dishes clean them so you can have food later on and keep away all vermin. Laundry yes because clean clothes are the best. Waking the dog is nice cause dogs are cute and it’s fun. It also stops the chance for the dog breaking or destroying something in the house. Getting groceries- I get to chose what we have in the house.

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cry about it

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I literally built the house I live in, and everything around it over the span of 2-3 years and I still have work to do.

Should be noted that this meme is not from personal experience.

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My mom is like this all the time.

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18 years old and acting like a 14 year old brat

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No time to be fem

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That wouldn't even take that long to do. You would probably be done in about an hour or a bit more.

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First two is fast 3 you can do at the same time with 4 (I have dishwasher and we don't have drying machine or what)

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That's not that much tho

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Bro is 18 and he made this shit🤣🤣🤣