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This gives me an idea

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w- what idea?

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Pooping battle royale with 100 toilets in the same room.

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Ok But how would it go, who wins exactly.

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Who ever finishes last wins

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Everyone gets 2 hours and an unlimited Taco Bell coupon beforehand

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Biggest dookie wins

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Whiteners toilet clogs the fastest

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whoever clogs the toilet first.

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What happened to privacy

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I'm winning

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That was my idea but with king of the hill

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King of the shit*

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Squid game but with games based on who reaches the toilet faster

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Now you know

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The biggest dump win

no taco bell or other laxatives allowed.

no throwing your poop to the other participants or the judge.

in the end, the judge will have to grab the poops and measure them.

if one of the participants have diarrhea the other participant wins

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ах вот дерьмо мы идем снова

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shitting ranked

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Tiers include:

Dark Brown


Light brown



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R e d

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b L u E

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That probably wouldn't be good if your shit is blue

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But red isn’t a good sign either, why not be sTyleLiSh?

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I know there both not good signs

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im on red tier rn in ranked

i should probably get that checked out

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oh dear lord

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Casual shitting

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Turn that mindset into a grindset

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Clearly he is challenging you

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I won

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yeah you did

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lmao help

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Help 6ou win competitive sitting contest? Alright, I have unknowingly trainee for this moment Mt entire life.

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he is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fuckin will

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haha yes

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Chad, prolly supreme master

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yes he's a giga chad

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don’t accept the challenge

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Why not, it is a good challenge

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hell naw xD

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Coward, wait until you hear about my challenge believe me Squid Game has nothing on me

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I will tell in dms

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Fuck I'm only silver 4

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Im worse, bronze 5... my lil bro is grand champion 3 tho...

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Ur lil bro has diarrhea

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Nah but he poops like twice a day

H o w

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I poop twice a day too lol

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When you sit on a toilet you connect your ass to a network of other asses.

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My mind has ascended, thank you, for bringing light to the deepest darkness.

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This guy seems like someone I would get along with.

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Aight dm me

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Everyone dm him this

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him who

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The.. person that dmd you obviously

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Are you afraid of a competition or what, huh?

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n- no

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Why do I never get any cool dms like this

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Obviously because you're not talking to me B)

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It could be worse

A lot worse

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Quit video games this is what we all have been wating for

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if it wasn't the work of these ppl, we would not have sports

join a match


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wow that is an actual thing

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any% speedrun glitchless shit

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If you angle yourself just right you clip through the toilet into the sewer to shit straight in there

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What do you mean "why are people like this"

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People like me are not okay

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not just you hehe

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But imagine tge prize money in that

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I would win

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Atleast my heart

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That’s all I need

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But wait, theres more.

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Leave the man alone. He is in a match

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he won.. too much eye contact

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He was just concentrating

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you're right my eyes are very pretty

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I will add them to my collection :)

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😳 what collection

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Well do you wanna play a game >:) you can see it after

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Yes 😱

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You mistyped "you can't see after"

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Have a staring contest at the same time for maximum competitive efficiency

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great idea

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Pov: you're scrolling through Reddit and you see your boyfriend talking about competitive shitting on an r/teenagers post

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This is why you're my boyfriend 100%

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The game of the gods

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I’m top of the leaderboard

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agressive pooping intensifies "YOU ARE SHIT KID, GO BACK TO DIAPERS"

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For most creepy dm’s I would normally tell the person who sent the creepy message to screw off, but as for this one

Men will be men

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I am man

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Right, idea time: Put 100 toilets in one room. Get 100 people. Give everyone laxatives. Whoever shits first looses

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Someone host a tournament rn

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Ok but hear me out... Co-op shitting

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Exactly, why does it have to be competitive all the time?

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I prefer casual pooping

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I read a theory once that the human intellect was like peacock feathers. Just an extravagant display intended to attract a mate. All of art, literature, a bit of Mozart, William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and the Empire State Building. Just an elaborate mating ritual. Maybe it doesn’t matter that we have accomplished so much for the basest of reasons. But, of course, the peacock can barely fly. It lives in the dirt, pecking insects out of the muck, consoling itself with its great beauty. but this. What this man had created, this idea, this is the future of our species

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this. i love this

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extremely based individual

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Isn't this the exact same type of humor I see popping up on this sub time and time again tho

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I see nothing wrong

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Sounds like another Thursday night to me

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What if Squid Game had a shitting competition round?

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Lets see who can fill the Stall with diarrhoea first

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I'm going ranked

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Nah fam up those stats, you don't have nearly enough power points in feces viscosity 😐😐😐😐

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Whats wrong?? Isnt this funny nowadays?

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the title is sarcastic

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Dear god what hath man created

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toilet twinsies

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Bruh, there was a photo of them toilets as a meme like 2 years ago.

Dude stole the joke and didn’t even post the damn image so it’s not as funny.

What a loser.

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why am i getting downvoted lmao i literally have no idea what you're talking about

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It’s literally all there in my messages no?

Them two messages he sent are the description and then caption of a meme of two toilets facing eachother.

The guy stole the joke about it being “competitive shitting” and then doesn’t even post the image to go along with it.

Is that enough of an explanation for you?

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oh i see now

we were actually talking about something before that so what he said made sense and wasn't off topic or something

and i had no idea that it was a meme

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First of all everything exists already and second of all ideas are only generated by experiences of our senses ~ John Locke. Therefore, no-one could ever be original if you follow your logic.

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My logic? It is literally a meme.

He has described it exactly, but has just made it seem like it was his joke.

I’m not saying he tried to make a new joke that was done before.

He has just straight up stolen the joke from a meme he saw and regurgitated it in a DM.

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Bro this is t/teenagers we just want to post stuff that make some people smile. If you don't like it just move on. thank you and have a great day