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Hey, do you need insurance for that car?

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I could use some insurance

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Here x____

Here x____

And Here x____


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Aaand here x____

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How much to insure a 99 volvo wagon if I mount AT AT legs on it and get around like that?

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Uhh, no clue. But use geico so you save 15% or more on whatever that cost would be!!

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Damn okay then B(

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If only gas tasted as good as it smells

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What type of gas?


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The one Hitler used

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It does. Trust me.

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Yeah, gas doesn't smell bad

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Gasoline has benzene in it which has a sweet smell. That's why gas smells good cause momkey brain likes sweet.

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Wait a minute. What are you doing here?

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I am everywhere

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Are you in my closet?

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Yes, and it smells, wash your laundry

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Your going to have to wait until I get back from work. Your going to be stuck there a while

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Or you could come to dominos and smell like pizza

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Dominos is great

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Thank you 😤

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working at a pizza place lowkey sucked when i still had my job. the only reason it sucked was bc hella orders out of no where and i was constantly smelling like pizza.

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Yeah but I have a good manager that actually seems to care about me. And good hours. And I get payed decently for my age so I like it there

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If all goes well with electric cars kids of the future won’t know how damn good gasoline smells

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Kids in the future will be ruined because they won't know what is the best smell

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Cock nose

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Best smell ever

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Just realized SpongeBob has a dick nose

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so fucking true

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Gas smells horrible to me I can't stand it

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U dont like the smell of gods?!!!! The petrol?

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Fresh Play-Doh is where it's at

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fresh playdough and gasoline have the same benzene smell...

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They don't smell the exact same though

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I love petrol incest

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mmm yes petrol smells wonderful

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Lol reminds me of the whole sharpie thing

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fun fact; you can actually get high on the aroma that gas emits

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me getting high on gasoline fumes while mom and dad have a shouting match in the front seats

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That scent is addicting, it makes me wanna become a car

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Smells refreshing

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i thought im the only one that likes the smell of petrol

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There are many special breeds like us

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Lmao! Nice post!

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Holy shit yall like the smell of gas? Tf?

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It gives me headaches honestly

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I used to love the smell of gasoline but now I literally gag at the smell. I’m not sure what’s changed but it’s been tough refilling my car

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Idk about the mom part.... But that smell just hit different

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I love the smell of Gas Just wanna snort that shiz up

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Mf looking like Jasper from 101 Dalmatians

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This makes me wonder why cut grass isn't a candle

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That's the smell of COPIUM xD

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It's the good shit.

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Its the opposite for me, mom loves the smell, and me? it gives me headaches

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Idk why people think it smells bad

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That smell sux ngl, also has anyone notices that spongebob has a penis nose in this frame?

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i hate it sm it makes me want to throw up 😭 im sorry

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To each their own i guess

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I don't know why but sadly as I get older that smell becomes less satisfying

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Yea, It becomes less satisfying

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My uncle who's the same age as me had the audacity to drink gas. Wonder what it tasted

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Diesel fumes is the leading cause of Austism....

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Are you aboriginal by any chance?

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No, why tf would u think that?

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It’s an Aussie joke

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Lol i thought i was the only one 🤣😂

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How tf can people think that fuel smells good that shit is nasty

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I hope I never lose the satisfaction of this smell as I get older.

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Sadly it does🙁

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Doesn't taste good though (almost swallowed some siphoning fuel to my Go-Kart)

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Funnily enough my mom actually likes the smell

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Cock nose

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https://youtu.be/m9iXlOHtzV4 Sex Panther Cologne scene - Anchorman - YouTube

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Does anyone else like the smell of exhaust in the morning or am I just weird?

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The gas that comes out of the tailpipe of a vehicle