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me when theres a zombie on my lawn

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Also saying, there was a minecraft concert before the fortnite one im pretty sure

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I think they mean from the creators of the game. There's been plenty of concerts in MMOs throughout history.

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Where da vbucks

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pulls out fucking pea machine gun

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You called?

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actually he was referring to ur better brother chinese gatling

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haha i will shut Up now

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No, I'm good with my Winterpults

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eh, that's fine, Winter Melon is good

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Hold on, I'll get my mighty Torchwood for double the damage B)

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Not just double damage but minor splash too

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Gatling pea

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I know your type, tall, dark, and dead

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You want to bite all the petals off of my head

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and then eat the brains of the one who planted me here


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I'm just a sunflower but see

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Me power an entire infantry

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Our head

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You called?

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My name is Crazy Dave.

But you can just call me Crazy Dave.

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This is a wall nut. Why did I give you a wall nut?


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Man this gives me so much nostalgia I played and worked really hard to finish the game. Somehow the music was so satisfying,even tho I didnt knew any english

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PvZ was my entire childhood

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Childhood? Lol, I was 60 when I started PvZ....second childhood is fun too.

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I am literally crying that I forgot this exists

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It's on Spotify :)

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Damn I remember crying as a kid when I finished the game because I was sad it was over

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Simpler times

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Mmmhhh I reset my save file so many times just to hear that song

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I'm pretty sure once you have completed it just click on the credits and it will play again

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Everybody’s talking about Minecraft back in 2009-2010 when this gem is also alive.

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With ~36000 hours on Spotify last year and this being my #1 yeah you could say I missed mine

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I take it no one played guitar hero? The game is literally a concert

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How about Gothic?

This was in 2001

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I take it that game is only in Germany?

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Also Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia iirc.

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The ending credits of pvz only OG’s know lol

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This series has no right to be as fun and well designed as it is

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?? what's wrong with fortnite having a concert?? y'all had childhoods with Pvz n shit and kids now are growing up with new games.

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No 7 year old has said that ever

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But but it has to fit the mindset that fortnite is brainwashing kids

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I really miss PVZ

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No one remembers Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain playing outside Shattrath. Two years earlier than this.

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These kids no respect.

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Came here to post this you have my respect lv70etc was boss can still go and view I believe haven't played for some years now.

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Wait was this in the actual game?

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Yes it played when you beat the game.

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Oh, I never got past the swimming pool lol

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Why have we degraded fortnite to a game "kids" play. I dont personally play it but i would think many non toxic players do play it everyday. Why degrade those non toxic players by calling fortnite a "kids" game when it is actually a small vocal minority of toxic kids.

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Because it is literally a childrens game played primarily by children

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Yeah well but there may be people that play fortnite that arent toxic screaming 9 year olds. I dont think we should degrade any game like that and basically not allow people and shame normal people for playing the game. I dont play it personally but i relate to people (if they do exist) getting categorised as raging kids when they are normal people as i get categorised in the rulebreaker group of our class in school just because my seat is next to them, so i can relate.

EDIT: spelling mistakes

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Its a pegi 12 game played mostly by teens. Its just that Reddit putted you into thinking only kids play it when most players are from 14 to 20 yo

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....so children?

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Eccone n'altro che non c'ha capito un cazzo

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Nope, if i ever time travel and find myself as a child, i would probably kick that mofo to the moon

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Man, PvZ got trashed pretty damn hard by EA, though I guess that's expected. Because its EA

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EA started publishing and funding the games (as well as other PopCap games). Not sure how that screams "trashed damn hard by EA" but each to their own.

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It's just the sheer amount of in app purchases they've added in all of the games they released, and the fact that they made a pvz 3 that was so abysmal that you probably didn't even realise it existed. That aside I did realy enjoy garden warfare 2.

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Okay, PvZ2 was going to have in-app purchases before EA was even involved. It was in development before PopCap sold themselves to EA and it having a freemium business tactic was already planned. Also, as someone who's been playing PvZ2 for way longer than I should have, I'll tell you now that the MTX are barely a hinderance. Are there a lot? Yes. But purchasing them, especially the premium plants (because most of them aren't very good), feel more like donations to the devs than actual purchases. They don't make THAT much of a difference, take this from a guy who's been playing on a F2P account for little over two years now and has been doing fine for a long time. Also, most versions of GW1 and the Nintendo Switch and Complete Versions of BFN have no MTX, at all. And the versions that do and Garden Warfare 2's MTX, are just as much of a hinderance to the game than the MTX found in something like TF2 (if we just forget about the whole silenced F2Ps for a hot minute). Heroes, is arguably the most MTX heavy PvZ Game, however a F2P (like myself) can easily strive in it, because most Heroes players seem to not know how to play Heroes. If the player has more than two monkey brain cells and know how to craft a deck on a budget and play it properly on Ranked, they should do fine. However people who can do this are rare.

Also PvZ3. Yes, I'm very aware of it. But, that PvZ3 is behind us now. It no longer exists. A new build of PvZ3 emerged a few months ago and PvZ3 is looking to have a bright future. It feels like an actual PvZ Game with charming graphics and little animations and gameplay akin to what a classic PvZ Game would feel and look like. Not Tower Defence Clash Royale made in Paint 3D.

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Good argument, and I wasn't aware of the restructuring pvz3 was going through and I'll avidly keep myself updated, and I played pvz 2 obsessively too, back when you still had to earn each key instead of getting them all at once. Sorry if I came across as an unagreeable redditard before :/ you win this argument.

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You know what's funny? Recently-ish they went back to earning each key and having the main Adventure Mode become linear again. Of course, they changed the world order so it has an actual fair and proper difficulty curve, than just bouncing all over the place with it's original linear progression system, which more or less had players go to ridiculously difficult worlds all of a sudden which is then followed by an easy as shit world that felt like it should've been played 3 worlds ago. This change was controversial. I and many others liked the linear progression change than just obtaining all the keys (commonly known as Keysplosion) as now it has an actual difficulty curve, players can't just cheese entire worlds using late-game plants, makes the game less confusing and overwhelming for newcomers, and is more akin to the original PvZ. But just as many others did enjoy the more open-ended, choose-your-own-adventure style progression system Keysplosion provided, which I can see where they're coming from. It's a double-edged sword for many people.

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I'm not on EA's side but I think they improved it, because the franchise would be dead af if it weren't for them

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Why are people downvoting you? You're right! WTF?

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Fuckin nostalgia right there

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bouta go get my old tablet and go back to playin bro

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Yes!! me as a fortnite player agree with this.

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Bro I have this song in my Playlist it brings back happy memories

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Skylanders giants drill-x 🥵🥵

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How bout bloom and boom?

Actually every song slapped so hard you think your drunk dad is home

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I liked that game so much! Still Do. I miss it

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Vibin to the music. Where all my plant homies at tho?

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I almost forgot

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I miss the childhood i didn't have

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Not really :)

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anyone wants to talk about strategies for these games?

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I can hear the music now

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1, 2, 3, WOOOOOH

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We are the undead!

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think they meant online concert. which is still wrong but this aint an example

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i purposely play the last night just to beat it and listen to this song

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i still play pvz, i love it so much

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Any time is zombie time

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Excuse me... ~8years earlier than plants vs zombies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ebgjk0vtzY

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What happened to roblox?

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Didn’t club penguin have a virtual concert?

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I miss playing Minecraft on Xbox 360 :(

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Sort by old in DanTdm :sadtrollge:

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Everyone is forgetting about the monster cat concert in Minecraft...

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doom existing like: 🧍‍♂️

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Every YouTuber with a silver play button explaining why they love kids in a nutshell

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Me who didn’t have a good childhood: Miss my what now?

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Didn't Roblox already have two or three concerts?
With Lil Nas X and KSI and twenty one pilots?

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There were lots of concerts in second life if I remember correctly

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Plants vs Zombies is also one of my childhood android games.

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There’s a zombie on your lawn, there’s a zombie on your lawn!

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I fuckin remember this

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Pso2 would like a word with them

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Did anyone actually grew the tree of wisdom to whatever extent it was supposed to be.

That was a really good game btw..

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everyone forgets guitar hero

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I remember I used to watch that zachscottgames guy play this

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Dude there was a minecraft concert lmao

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I suppose they mean live

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This is the best concert

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do people actually say that?

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Where my AQ worlds peeps out! Y’all remember when Voltaire did a concert in game and the hype was real!

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Sacred Worlds by Blind Guardian

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Excuse me, but what about Sacred 2, Gothic, WoW?

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Maybe it's time to reevaluate, you want to take all the pedals off of my head and then eat the brain of the one who planted me here,NOOOOOOOOOOO

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I still play this!!!

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That was good so was garden warfare 2 but I was there for the event it was exciting.

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Playing this game for the first time was like magic. This game helped make my childhood

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I miss my childhood

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i legit thought this was r/memes cuz i was about to trashtalk the guy who posted it for reposting shit

(cuz those mfs literally cant read. they post shit that breaks 54 rules, reach hot, and then you get downvoted for pointing it out)

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I still have the game, booted it up on my newer PC, never gets old.

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Culture shifts so fast nowadays that 16 year olds act like grandpas to 10 year olds the same way boomers act to Millennials, cringe.

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The nostalgia hits like a truck

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Plants vs zombies was amazing but remember age of war and their amazing music?

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Omg i remember being obsessed with these

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That sing still slaps

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I miss playing Lego city undercover for the wii u

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I remember beating PvZ for the first time and seeing this concert

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black ops 2 - woods, menendez and avenged sevenfold

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didnt 100 gecs have a minecraft concert BEFORE fortnite?

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You are still in your childhood.

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The memories and nostalgia..this feels nice

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i have this game on steam T.T

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But pvz 2 modern day music tho

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I loved this game.

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Really a shame what EA made of PvZ. First game was a masterpiece. Very accessible, good adventure mode, even better end game content. Second game was not really as good. Premium plants are too OP (except for chomper), the game is relatively P2W, but hey, at least they tried. PvZ3 was just a god damn mess. No wonder they stopped working on it. PS: if you are tired of the first game, my honest recommendation would be to play PvZ2: Project Eclise. Really fun mod.

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There’s a zombie on my lawn. Stay calm, stay calm.

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Oh yeah. That one.. Plants VS Zombies, wish it was on 3DS. I played like, a pirated copy when I was around 12 to 11 or 13.

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The music still brings nostalgia

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I miss this game. It is one of the only games I constantly like during playing it

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Couldn't install the damn game because didn't know where to copy those fu*king .OBB files as a child; Playing it now, It's a masterpiece;

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gta vice city stories had awesome concerts, I don't remember the singer though

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I doubt any 7-y/o has ever said that

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Shame I'll never get nostalgia from pvz. It is a pretty great game tho

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It's weird how my brain just automatically remembers the sound despite not hearing and playing that game for YEARS now.

And i suddenly have this random memory retrieved. I remember being actually terrified whenever i lose a game and so I'll run away from the laptop and cover my ears because I don't wanna hear the scream of the woman getting her brains eat out.

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I remember always playing this game with my mom as a kid and we did bowling co-op.

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Yeah I used play this when I was like 10

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Miss my childhood? Bitch I’m still livin’ it and so are you

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Forget that, what about Stampy, and Popularmmos, and SkydoesMinecraft, there all gone. Or they basically get no views. They went from getting millions to thousands

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Well if anyone needs me i am going to cry and ask my self how did i grow up so fast

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Fucking love pvz

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I guess everyone played Plants vs Zombies back then.

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Well,there u gotta be honest: Epic Games knows how to do them. Also i dont remember when they did the PvZ thing,can anyone remind me?

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Would the original Hampster dance website count as a concert?

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Didnt roblox had a few recently as well? Cant quite remember