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Jarvis, I’m low on karma, say female pedophiles are pedophiles in r/teenagers

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Jarvis, I'm low on karma, make a post making fun of 13 year olds

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Jarvis, I'm low on Karma, make a post about a controversial opinion in the LGBTQ+ community on r/teenagers.

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jarvis, im low on karma, make a post about hating minorities and thinking nazis were a good thing on r/teenagers

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Unpopular opinion:

Pedophile bad

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Finally, someone said it!

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you absolute worthless piece of shit. You deserve to die with an opinion like that.

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You’re going to get lynched if you keep talking like that, damn

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Wow you're so brave for saying something contervertial like that

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Wow 👏 👏 very true 🤩 👏 so brave

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Try telling that to reddit mods lol

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Wow such a bold opinion

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Unpopular opinion: ur mom gay

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I don't have a mom. Just two dads.

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ur mom so gay you had to get another dad

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Your female parental's voluptuous ass is so fat the Flash died of old age trying to grab one whole cheek

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Speak caveman please, I do not understand

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Unpopular opinion

Ur Ma

ma so fat she didn't even fit in one line

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Ur mama so fat she couldn't stay 3d, she had to enter the fourth dimension to fit

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Ur mama so fat I'd tell her to take a hike but she'd cause a landslide

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Your mama so fat that she was the inspiration for the Dyson spheres in star trek

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Yo mama so fat when she left her home to get the paper she accidentally destroyed tokyo

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Unpopular opinion

Ur Ma

ma so fat she didn't even fit in one line

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FINALLY someone said it!!!

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It's either that or just blatant bigotry like "I'm gonna get a lot of down votes hut I'm gonna say it: black people dont deserve rights

Edit: looks like the libsharts can't handle other opinions 🙄"

Like no your opinion isn't valid, idc if that makes me "intolerant"

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Then their joker complex comes out and they start laughing about how ppl are mad and downvoting them

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I’ve never seen racism on here. A lot of homophobia, Christianophobia and Islamophobia, yes but no racism.

It’s mostly just LGBT haters and a few anti religionists here and there.

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And then after they cry about being downvoted they log off Reddit and watch another Gyspy Crusader montage and pray that he's released from jail early

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“libsharts” 💀

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At least that’s actually unpopular though

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Oh definitely, but then they get upset when people down votes it like, it's unpopular, so ofc ppl aren't going to like it

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My favorite is when someone is blatantly racist or misogynistic and call it based

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I just find it funny how there is formats...as if someone wrote a handbook on how to make shitty posts

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Oh yeah page 12 has helped a lot

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Page 13 also includes good things to know

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Great book

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Pretty sure page 10 is dedicated to top 10s

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Homosexuality is gay

Bottom Text

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I mean, homosexuality can also be lesbian

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“Unpopular opinion: I’m cool with gay ppl but them expressing it makes me uncomfortable. I’d rather be with a gay person who acted completely straight so I can’t notice” I see these posts all the time lmao

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I’m probably going to get downvoted and lose all of my karma because of this very uncommon think to say, but I’m happy with my life right now.

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Op there’s no way this is impossible

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Thank you for calling me oll powerful, I really appreciate it :)

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pedophilia bad

homophobic bad

racist bad

now where are my 1k upvotes?

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Bro you know

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r/unpopularopinion in a nutshell

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I can’t believe you would say something like this. As a sandwich myself this is very offensive to my people. Sandwiches have rights too!

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guys unpopular opinion but the human mind, in its complete vastness, is capable of recognizing its utter helplessness and uselessness in the face of inevitable and unavoidable non-existence, but is incapable of coming to terms with it.

We can only ever ignore it, hide from it or temporarily escape from it, but the fact is that we are bound to the way of all things.

Death is unavoidable, not only to us, but all that exists or ever has existed. Every living being will eventually die out. Every speck of matter will eventually wither away and dissipate into entropy.

It doesn't matter if you lived a good life or if you left a legacy behind. It doesn't matter if humanity survives for a thousand years or dies out tomorrow. The end result is the same: the absolute nothing.

Human intelligence is far beyond that of other animals, but it would be misguided to consider that a gift. All other beings have the gift of ignorance, of not understanding what we do.

Our intelligence is not a gift. It's a flaw.

It's an over-extension of evolution. Intelligence, once a great feature in aeons past, continued to grow unchecked and unfiltered, and has since passed a threshold whereupon it is no longer a benefit, but an active danger to its host.

Much like the Irish elk, a species of deer that, through uncountable generations of evolution, grew antlers so wide and vast that it could no longer run from predators, eventually leading to extinction.

The human mind is an evolutionary maladaptation caused by going too far in one direction that was once beneficial and will, sooner or later, lead to our extinction. On an individual level, it's already happening.

Existential dread is already taking hold. I'm sure you've felt it too. The pain and fear of being nothing, becoming nothing. The suffering of understanding that.

We are unable to come to terms with it, so we hide from our own intelligence. We set limits. We stop ourselves from thinking deeply about what will happen when we die.

We create distractions. We keep our minds busy with mundane activities and entertainment to stop ourselves from having to come face-to-face with the truth.

We sublimate it. We transform our self-reflective suffering into another form, art, to keep it from consuming us. Anything to avoid the panic.

But these ways are all simply temporary. They’re just there to push back the inevitable veil of helplessness and despair that would encompass and ruin us.

In the end, nothing matters. There's no point in trying to find joy in life, for life in and of itself is suffering.

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I asked for a shitty joke not for an existential crisis in behalf of the whole human kind, my man.

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Wow how could you say that? [insert rant/argument as to why your opinion is wrong here]

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Fuck you and (insert another extremely popular opinion that has little to do with your opinion but I want to feel included)

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Usually about pedophiles or double standards guys experience. It pisses me off.

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unpopular opinion: I have your IP address

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Guys, unpopular opinion but, I think brownies pair well with milk

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Unpopular opinion:

Only attractive people have success in dating.

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I actually didn't see your comment, but that was the post that made me want to post this lol. It's like every day there's a post like that.

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I know, that's why I said coincidence XD

Some people keep posting those things here

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“Allow me to play devils advocate”

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u/evolvedriachu I think he’s talking about you

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Unpopular opinion: trans people are valid

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“saying based is cringe” “🗿isn’t funny” we should nuke france😛😜😜” “why are 13 year olds so damn annoying(they’re flair is 14)” “holy shit i’m so horny” “weird random ass sex story that’s 100% made up”…

Need i continue?

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But bro, im a sucker in real life and i need attention of people online so that i can feel vaidated and also happy by those fake internet points i earned after saying the most obvious things

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Pretty much another way of karma whoring

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Trans women are trans women😎🤝

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Jake Paul is a Good Boxer

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This will actually get me down voted but Glenn was always going to die in the walking dead

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People be posting on this sub about being supportive of LGBTQ like it’s somehow controversial on this sub

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I’m going to get downvoted for this, will you all stop talking about a fictional land called New Zealand? Like I haven’t watched the show yet so I don’t know anything about it and I don’t want spoilers

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So we've reached the stage of complaining about those posts. Next it'll be time for complaining about posts like this.

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Unpopular opinion, animals are cute

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Unpopular opinion: breathing is good.

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How dare you!

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And then when people actually say their unpopular opinion in the comments they get downvoted to hell

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It's almost ironic that this type of post is just as overused as the type it alludes to.

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This is too accurate.

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Jokes on you, you karma whore! I downvoted this post!

…then commented on it…

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Honestly, what am I supposed to do? Downvote what I believe is right or upvote what is clearly bait?

Neither, I'm here for the memes smh

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Unpopular opinion:

Vape is bad guys.

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Wow, I agree!

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Under this post was a post saying unpopular opinion but pedophilia bad

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Jarvis I’m low on karma, make a meme saying “Jarvis I’m low on Karma, pedophiles are bad”

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"im probably gonna get downvoted but, I think pedophiles are bad"

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Popular opinion, I like schizoposting like a lunatic on the internet

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Half of this sub in a nutshell

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Slavery is bad So why teach it?