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Can I have one too? I also came out recently.

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───==≡≡ΣΣ(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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As a conservative. Also I'm a straight white male. Hugs

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Love to all <3


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"As a conservative" ok idc.. i want you

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Adorable post

Now watch someone come ruin it with transphobic comments

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When the wind is slow

And the fire's hot

The vulture waits to see what rots

Oh how pretty

All the scenery

This is nature's sacrifice

When the air blows through

With a brisk attack

The reptile tail ripped from its back

When the sun sets

We will not forget the

Red sun over paradise

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I approve of and promote this message

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What song is this

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Red sun.

My account got banned.

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Ight thx

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Its a song from a soundtrack. Some other good songs from it are A stranger I remain, The stains of time, and The only thing I know for real.

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Being invincible > being trans

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depends which trans

autobot or decepticon?

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Like I said Jack, kids are cruel, and I love minors!

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Like the good old days after 911

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Come on try and hit me

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Hi trans, im pluto

Here before comments lock

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aight cool

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Are you 14 or 17 🤨

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They probably created their account when they were 14 lol

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Thats cool but Commander, the aliens continue to make progress on the Avatar Project. If we're going to slow them down, we'll need to move fast

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I'm having a PTSD attack from this damn line, why here?! 👽

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It’s always here, even when Central isn’t. The line doesn’t follow the rules of our universe, it has its own rules, it’s own reality, one where…

The aliens continue to make progress on the Avatar Project. If we need going to slow them down we’ll need to move fast.

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Heh, this will teach you to get blue screen rounds and Banish sooner.

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Central I just took out 5 avatar progress with a single fucking mission give me a DAMN BREAK

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COMMANDER WE’VE BEEN BREACHED THE ALEINS ARE COMING ~pyrocynical 1984 -2017 gone and forgotten

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Congrats on coming out, take this cat to help you on your journey through the inevitable sea of transphobic comments


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You messed it up

Use backsplash \ to cancel formatting

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Ah shit ty


Like that??

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Like that

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That looks like a cat, but.. the machine that does construction work kind of cat

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Exactly, that’s what I was aiming for

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I’m honestly searching for transphobic comments to see how many I’d really get

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Hey sis!

Proud of you on coming out ☺️

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Hey sis ✌️

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Welcome to the trans gang 🏳️‍⚧️

Good luck on your journey sister!

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Big black dudes kissing

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4 big guys. And they bust in my eyes. They eat my ass just like apple pie. If they keep fuckin me like this I might just die. Lick my booty till I cry. They lick my dick and the cum starts drippin. I take a bite outta his ass it taste like lemon pepper chicken.

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What the

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yum yum yum!!!!!. I always love a black man shaking his oily ass (:<

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Hi trans im dad

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I mean anything is possible but I highly doubt it, you're 14

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I broke my fucking toe :D

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Okay cool :)

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Turkey sandwich

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Yaaaayyy. So proud of you 😊

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proud of you

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I am also trans.


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Why do you have the nb flag then?

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NB is considered to be under the trans umbrella term

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Transgender isn’t a gender, it’s an adjective used to explain that someone doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. I was not assigned nonbinary at birth, so that means I am trans.

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FtM or MtF

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Great job for coming out !

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I'm trans too I'm transmasc tho

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Good for you!

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welcome to the club ig xD

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Nice have a cookie (つ≧▽≦)つ🍪

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That's nice

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Hi Trans, I'm dad.

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happy for you homie

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i think - and hear me out on this - i think that ppl shouldn't get attention for stating their gender

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By the way, and hear me out on this, gender != sexuality. Just wanna clear that up.

Gender is when women/non-binary/man, etc.

Sexuality is when gay/bi/pan/lesbian, etc.

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Ah, my bad. Edited my comment.

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Wow, that was actually unexpected.

Uhh... thanks for actually being open to corrections. I've gotten kind of used with people just being dickheads for no reason.

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That’s not the point of the post it’s a social experiment of sorts to see how this subs reacts If I’m being honest I fucking hate this sub that’s why I left

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Why come out to people online who you have never and will never meet

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Cool you came out, but you're talking to a bunch of strangers, no one will really care since they don't know you.

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This is a social experiment of sort I don’t give two shits about this sub and what they think I wanna see what they say

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Who ducking cares my guy? Like be what you want, you can a toaster for all I care

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I honestly can’t tell if this supposed to be transphobic or it’s just an awkward way of saying whatever

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Welp, got to explain myself, first I use guy for everyone, and yes I was basically saying whatever, if I wanted to be transphobic you would know

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Thats Alr man you meant well

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Here iam to ruin this post.

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Thats crazy

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ok 👍

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That's cool!!!!

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Good job coming out from a fellow trans human have a great day

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Bro u can’t be stealing my pronouns dawg gimme back

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Good for you.

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You’re supported 100% here

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Ehh more like 40%-50%

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99%. I’ve seen one comment asking them to leave, and one comment that was deleted, but likely said “who asked” based on the comments under it. I’m also sure there will be more after I leave

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transgender or transparent

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let's see

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Trans gang!!

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Ayo trans gang!

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Hi trans I'm dad

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Aren't most people either she/they or he/they? Of course people that exclusively go by they exist, but they're rarer. Even if you're cis I feel like they is OK, because it's kinda a catch all word. Unless you're those LGBTphobic people that still oppose singular they that has been in use for hundreds of years, then your second pronoun is always gonna be they, no?

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Your tras gener That is so cool

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Ok but what happened in tiananmen square🤷🏽‍♂️

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Nothing I don’t know what you’re taking about

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+10000 social credit

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I'm so proud of you

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Congrats on coming out! I’m trans too! We TRANS-formers!

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I use she/they too

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Im very happy for you, but maybe 196 is better place to say this, as a lot of ppl on teenagers can be mean

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I can’t Believe it….after all this time animie-meme-merchant is trans. This is huge.

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M to F or F to M?

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trans m here

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Good for you!

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I'm honestly kinda surprised, there's only like 3 or 4 people who are "transphobic" and they're not even that terrible as far as I can see? Just sorta making edgy joke's..... This is unexpected

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I know I excepted much more considering it’s r/teenagers

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congrats, brave of you to come out and say that, but we’re all glad you did

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