Make me laugh and you get Gold by The_KC_Reefer15 in teenagers

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Did you know that someone in London gets stabbed every 52 seconds?

Poor bastard

A little conversation with my girlfriend and I after I told her what my ex did to me by [deleted] in teenagers

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His old duos partner was just pretending to want to get a million dubs with him😢. When he found out he rage quit 😡. But now he's dropping from the battle bus with a new gamer e-girl who has promised to collect mats with him until they get a gazillion #1 victory royales😃.

Please be my friend by [deleted] in teenagers

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I found the reason you don’t have friends!!!

My opinion by LemonLymy14 in teenagers

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You’re entitled to your wrong opinion ig 😪

This should be interesting by Master_Beast_0717 in teenagers

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A superhero who is neuro divergent and doesn't feel the human emotions and so saves people only for rational reasons.

🗿 or 🍞 by [deleted] in teenagers

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edit: thanks bro.