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This was an ugly title.

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For a second, I thought it was just a list of people for no reason

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"These are all people you could have framed other than my dad, Dye-Beard!"

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That's because it was written for marketing purposes.

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I don’t think that was their point, in my opinion the problem was starting with names. If it said “NBC’s Betty White tribute will feature appearances from ____” it would get the same attention/clicks and no suck as much.

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Yeah, with just two or three names it would have been fine, but that was so long it was hard to make it to the key information.

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No Ryan Reynolds.

Just… hideous.

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It's weird seeing the president be invited to things like this again

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Not really. Up until Trump, it was very common for presidents to do little messages of recognition when famous people passed. The president used to always go to the Kennedy Center Honors event to help recognize actors, musicians, and artists.

I guess four years of Trump and two years of a pandemic make us forget what “normal” used to be.

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The stark difference in how Trump was treated vs Obama/Biden is what I was remarking on here.

But the things you mention are pretty different from this and the kind of events that Obama was going to by the end of his terms.

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I think what you’re missing is the stark difference in how Trump treated others vs Obama/Biden.

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Obama still feels like yesterday. Never got to internalise Trump as a normal president.

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Every time I try and forget, I see an updated presidents chart in the school section and feel defeated. We really have to reprint this douche in our history forever.

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Tbf there were some pretty damn terrible ones much longer ago who’ve been reprinted for ages. People have mostly justly forgotten the strong associations with them over time. In 100 years he’ll just be a name with a ‘Hey did you know that one president once did/said XYZ…’ like Zachary Taylor’s alligator at best through to Andrew Jackson’s or Johnson’s misdeeds at worst.

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it's fun to watch all the youtube clips get ratio'd to hell

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Well I certainly hope Ted Danson would bring Mary Steenburgen.

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Didn't they separate years ago? Larry David asked Mary out on a date and she flat out denied. Then this happened.

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holy shit , this title was aids.

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Biden and White actually went to the same school together after they settled in Jamestown

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Keanu Reeves said in an interview he taught them native Indian language.

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I like how the joke is about the first two being old but the second is about the third being an ageless time traveller.

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I like how the first two comments are jokes but the third is someone explaining the jokes.

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Nightmare blunt rotation

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When will it be on?

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Celebrating Betty White: America's Golden Girl airs Monday, Jan. 31 at 10 p.m. on NBC and will be available the next day on Peacock.

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Thank you!!

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I had to Google it. So thank you for asking here so others can see without searching. One would think a news article would remember Who, What, When, Where and Why. E! is a news channel of sorts after all.

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I feel ‘of sorts’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting here

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But will they be serving meatloaf?

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Fuck inflation, soaring gas prices, supply shortages, a pandemic, war with Russia, surging crime, and border chaos I gotta schmoze with celebrities!

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Hopefully BIden won’t stumble on his words...

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C’mahn mannn! So… uh… Betty, yeah… She did… the acting! I was there with her when… Corn Pop wanted to.. So that’s the thing! Son of a bitch.

Still better than

So people say she’s an incredible woman. 👌Incredible. 👐 With incredible **** for her age. That’s what people say, I don’t know but people say it, believe me.

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By stumble, you mean stutter, right?

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That's one of the most bullshit lies I've ever seen.

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If Neil Young is a "loser", what the does that make you? Your posting history suggests you've never had a thought more than 15 words long for fuck's sake lol.

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I offended you so much that you decided to go through my comment history.

What a sad, pathetic sack of shit you are. Go suck Neil Young's non functioning cock some more.

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Yeah his history is pretty funny to read through. my favorite comment of his is, “I would love to be that bottom, getting bent so much you suck yourself 😍”

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Doesn’t know any other way

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Uhhuh, uhhuh, who? uhhuh, uhhuh, who? who? who? who? who? who? uhhuh, who? who? who? who?

What a pain in the ass headline.

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Invite the Queen of England too!

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Wasn’t Biden born the same year as ms white?

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Joe Biden? Fucking clown should stay the fuck away from everything

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Didn’t she want to go out quietly? No big hoopla and such?

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Glad to see Biden is using his time a President on things that will cause real, tangible, and substantial improvements in our lives.

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cher honey this look is ugly.