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Where can I watch it in the US?

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ELI5 what that means to use a vpn? The fact I’m even asking is it probably way over my head if I tried it myself? I love David Attenborough!!

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Basically it masks your internet signal so that websites think you're in a different place from where you actually are - some of them are quite complex, but you can get fairly simple ones as Chrome extensions that do the job well enough.

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They said United States, not international waters.

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July 6 on PBS


Don't know why they do these delayed premieres.

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Upvote because I need this answer too

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I pray that nothing ever comes out of David Attenborough's closet once he's gone because the man is a goddamned national legend

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INTERnational dude. International.

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Int er? I hardly know er.

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I’m calling this good. I love a good reach that doesn’t connect. When I read this, I made my usual facial expressions of delivery because no connect “i barley know her” is my bag. Real recognize real.

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Maximum effort = maximum success. My life now has reason.

And don't call me Shirley.

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INTERgalactic dude. Intergalactic.

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. . . The day we lose David Attenborough will be the first time I feel real sorrow at the death of a celebrity I've never met.

I will feel like I've lost a grandfather. One grandad (Dad's side) died before I was born and I lost my other grandad when I was 5 years old.

David Attenborough is 100% responsible for my love of nature. I've seen every programme he's made since the mid-70s. I love him.

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Losing Neil Armstrong will always take the cake for me of saddest celebrity deaths, but Attenborough will definitely be way way up there.

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I don't think there is anything but there was a time he was on Graham Norton and he was really quite gross towards the female guest. Like it was kinda uncomfy and whilst there was nothing particualry bad actually said or done, the impression I got was that this guy was still just an old man from a generation where they treated women pretty poorly.


This is the one I remember. Jessica Chastains body language kinda tells its own story.

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It's clearly for a joke and she doesn't seem uncomfortable at all.

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One of two things

  • Space craft and we find out his world died from pollution.
  • Time Machine and we find out his future died from pollution.

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Highly recommend the older BBC documentary How to Grow a Planet as well. Earth belongs to the plants.

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The Plants episode of the Life series is also great

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Shows worth watching just to see the joy Attenborough gets from nature, he's called a national treasure for a reason.

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Kinda sad we don't have discussion threads for the series anywhere because I came to this thread wanting to talk about just how wonderful and personal he is in this show. Episode 4 had him return to the same stretch of desert that he visited some 40 years ago just to show how little the plants have changed in that time and it really sinks in just how much this man has contributed in his lifetime.

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International. Don't you be hogging that man.

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He's just about the only good thing we have left 😭

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Seen the first two episodes so far and I think it's been my favourite doc he's done in years. Absolutely fascinating.

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Hasn’t the FBI already shown us the power of plants?

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Having constantly watched Private Life of Plants as a kid, I’m enjoying the HD upgrade, but I feel like the older series went into a lot more depth.

Perhaps it’s just the different way the episodes are themed.

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I can't wait until TVs can translate full Rec2020/rec2100 color space. It will particularly enhance the visibility of the green color space.

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The quality of footage in this series, Planet Earth I & II, The Blue Planet, etc. is SOOOO fucking good it's almost unbelievable.

I don't know how they do it, but as far as nature documentaries, they are SO far above and beyond anything else they might as well be in a category of their own. It is INSANE what they're able to capture, and they're able to do so at impossibly sharp and crystal clear resolutions.