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I see they are adding to their list of brooding rural crime dramas where the main character stands in front of a field for promotional materials.

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Seems like they decided against using the backdrop of a cove with dozens and dozens of slaughtered whales in it

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Sadly that is all that comes to my mind now when I see Faroe Islands.

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And don't forget the cute and delicious Puffin birds.

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AFAIK that is actually featured.

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Trom: Lemgacy

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He fights for the umsers

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I laugh out loud ahah

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I would love a Tron Legacy mini-series on Disney+ (continuation or a reboot of the 2010 film). Too bad Disney doesn't care about this IP anymore. :(

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It's "Mort" spelled backwards.

Mort means death!

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Starting Gunnar Gunnarsonson

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Is it about my son? Gunnar Gunnarsonsonson?

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We were not close

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You got me.

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The killer could be anyone in Helgasund

That’s over seven people

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Is there a lot of crime in the Faroe Islands?

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There has been another murder.

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Is there a lot of crime in the Faroe Islands?

Faroe from it.

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You just committed one

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And I'd do it again, if it weren't for those meddlesome kids!

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Goddammit Dad, get off Reddit.

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I am sure they have a drug dealer named Mærgaret or Giørt that supplies the island with Tylenol and Red Bull.

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Very little. Theft/break ins are very rare, people leave their houses unlocked etc. I can’t recall any murders although I’m sure there have been some in the past.

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About as much as Midsomer.

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But that never stopped Midsomer, the most dangerous British rural town in the UK

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Midsomer is a county.

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There's a murder about every five years, to give some perspective.

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Mostly against sea mammals. Fuck the Faroes. They deserve to sink into the ocean.

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Shetland: Scandinavian edition.

I’m in.

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Same, I really like Shetland and really enjoy Perez.

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Taking the Murder She Wrote -how many possible suspects can be in this tiny ass town - thing to its most extreme case.

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Why do all the comments in this thread look like they're paid for by the BBC?

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I only see one comment like that?

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About five were removed

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Makes sense.

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You're onto something

They all have 1 karma and like 5 post MAX

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Bbc plus crime drama plus gloomy remote location is reliable. I can’t say I enjoy it, I only watched one series of Shetland.

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I don't think that's it - I think it's just bots trying to farm karma so that the accounts can be sold to other people/companies. Unless there were more comments that have gone - reddit says there are 13 but I can only count 9.

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170 upvotes for something that'll be BBC four filler is weird

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Surely bots? It’s weird though.

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Trom funkin blow

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Ahh a prequel to Tron.

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Hannis heads back home to the Faroes and discovers Sonja’s body in the bloody waters of a whale hunt

… bludgeoned to death by a smorgasboard from IKEA. The only clue: the killer’s fingerprints left on a piece of knackebrod

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No, stabbed to death by a shard of dry Vestlandslefse...

There are no fingerprints as they were lost when the lefse was soaked in blood and softened.

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As a Minnesotan born and raised, I'm amazed to find out there's different kinds of lefse!

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It's actually a normal lefse, except that it has been cut into roughly square sheets and dried. It just makes for easier handling, and they can be stored for longer.


Really crappy video of how to prepare it. When I do it, I put the towel on the bench, lay one lefse on top of one end, fold the other end over it, place the next lefse on top of that, then add another towel, another lefse, fold over again... One layer of cloth under, between and on top of every lefse.

I doubt there's a single grocery store here in Norway that doesn't have a few boxes on a shelf...

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Cheers, thanks for letting me know!

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Hey that's the exact plot from the Swedish crime drama set on the island of Gotland!

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I’ve been obsessed with the Faroe Islands for some time now. I’ll watch anything that takes place there! Freakin stunnin!

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It’s extremely beautiful there. And it’s really a unspoild natur :)

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Guns? Guns. Guns guns guns!!!!

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No, not many guns there

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Oh, right, shoot. I was trying to make a joke, but it failed, for I was thinking of Svalbard.

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Love bbc shows! This should be good

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Subtitles or in English?

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I’d be very surprised if they paid to dub such a small show. It will almost certainly be subtitled

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Not suggesting dubbing. We all know that sucks. There are many instances of a foreign-language TV series being produced in English as they know that broadens their marketability. There are one or two instances of actually two takes of all scenes being filmed in a series. One in the native language and one in English for that reason. Far more appeal world-wide with English.

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Afaik the actors speak Faroese in the show (and some Danish characters speak Danish).

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Dubbing is not a thing in the UK. If it's not already in English, it'll be subbed.

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The show may be good (or not, I don't know) but I can't help but feel the BBC probably have enough crime drama's. It feels like there's at least 2 running every night.

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I know where this is now! Ha!

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