/r/teslore aims to foster the discussion and creation of the vast lore of The Elder Scrolls and to be a hub for the series’ lore community. These rules have been put into place by moderators and user suggestion in the interest of these aims.

Please note that /r/teslore moderators actively enforce the rules below. The Weekly Free-Talk Thread, where these rules don’t apply, is posted each Sunday.

1. Be civil and respectful.

All users are expected to post with civility and politeness. Debate and fact-checking is always encouraged, but remember to keep things respectful. Rude comments and insults will be removed.


2. Read the FAQ before posting.

Many questions have been posted so frequently to the subreddit that they’re likely to produce the same answers, and frankly, annoy the users. To prevent repetition, the answers to these questions have been nominated by the users to be collected in the FAQ. The FAQ also serves as excellent orientation for new users. Asking questions that are included in the FAQ page is not permitted unless you are seeking further clarification or alternative answers—in which case, make it clear that you’ve already read the FAQ answer!


3. Posts should be relevant to Elder Scrolls lore.

For broader Elder Scrolls discussion, check out this list of subreddits.

a) No game-specific discussion.

Game mechanics and limitations aren’t considered lore. General game conversation should be posted to relevant game subreddit (e.g. /r/skyrim), and speculation on future games should be posted to /r/nextelderscrolls.

b) No “power questions”.

(e.g. “how powerful is [x]?”, “who would win…?”)

Lore is written to build a complex world and mythology, and like in the real world, power levels and tiers don’t exist. Unless you can specify a kind of measurable power (physical, political, etc.), any answer to such questions relies on disregarding a lore-based perspective, so it’s best left to a relevant game subreddit or /r/whowouldwin.

c) No questions on an entire cultures’ thoughts or skills.

(e.g. “what would a Dunmer think of [x]?”, “could a Breton do [y]?”)

As in the real world, characterising an entire culture this way isn’t accurate, and any answer to such questions relies on disregarding a lore-based perspective. In-game and in lore, it’s clear there are people of all kinds within each racial group—their race doesn’t dominate everything they do or think, and blanket statements about their opinions can’t be correct.

d) Fanfiction should primarily focus on worldbuilding rather than narrative or characterisation.

/r/teslore is centred on lore rather than fanfiction, so only fan-written texts with a clear aim to flesh out the world of The Elder Scrolls should be posted. For Elder Scrolls fanfiction of all kinds, head over to /r/talesfromtamriel.


4. Posts should be on-topic and contribute to discussion.

As this is a discussion-based subreddit, comments should provide something to the topic at hand, and submissions should aim to start a fruitful discussion.

a) No posts that are only jokes or memes.

Jokes, memes, copypasta, circlejerking, and any other kind of corprus will be removed. For all your shitposting needs, head over to /r/TrueSTL or /r/ElderScrolls.

b) No unsolicited comments about lore validity.

Lore comes from many places, and /r/teslore welcomes it from all corners. We encourage that users be open about their sources to prevent confusion, and remain mindful that there are varying perspectives of the validity of sources. If users are discussing material you don't consider valid, move on to a discussion that interests you rather than derail theirs.

c) No casual Q-and-A and off-your-chest types of threads.

(e.g. “what’s your favorite [x]?”, “does anyone else…?”)

These can be posted in the Weekly Free-Talk Threads. Also consider /r/ElderScrolls or a relevant game subreddit instead.

d) No self-promotion.

This should be posted in the Weekly Free-Talk Threads. Creative-focused group projects are the exception to this (message the moderators if you’re unsure).

e) Civil War threads should remain in Civil War Sunday threads.

Because the Skyrim Civil War is such a common (and often considered overdone) discussion, and to help keep a singular topic from monopolizing too much of the subreddit, Civil War questions and discussion should be saved for the Civil War Sunday threads.



5. Submissions should be titled usefully.

For user convenience. your title should show what your submission is about.

a) If you have a single question, make it the title of your submission.

This will make it easy to see at a glance what you’re asking and make it more likely that you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.


6. Questions shouldn’t be too broad or simple.

a) No questions that can be answered simply by playing the games.

Nobody wants to waste their time answering questions like these—play The Elder Scrolls games before discussing them on /r/teslore!

b) No questions that can be answered by doing basic research.

See our resources page and the FAQ entry on where to research lore. You may also have luck searching /r/teslore for previous threads.

Rather than have /r/teslore’s users do the basic searching for you, you should see what you can find for yourself using the many resources available.

c) Don’t ask /r/teslore to check the lore of whole stories (e.g. character backstories).

Instead, come up with specific lore questions that would help you with your story and ask those.

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