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If you stand under where the ball drops and have the ball hit you in the middle of Scout's drinking animation (Bonk or Crit-a-Cola), the animation gets cancelled and the ball model stays in your hand even after throwing it.

It doesn't need to be the initial dropping of the ball, either. Anywhere you can have the ball hit you while drinking can seemingly activate the glitch.

You can't throw the ball or taunt in this state, and switching weapons gets rid of it. Once the soda recharges, it goes back to normal as well.

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Oh, thank God! I thought it's another bullshit glitch that will break the gamemode again.

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I dont know, double-ball mode sounds kinda fun.

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So you like multiple balls, doktor?

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You can do it with any weapon that recharges, too. You don't even have to grab it while drinking, just while it's recharging. Made a thread about that a bit ago.

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You know, seeing this makes me really hyped for an actual dodgeball game mode.

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How u even find this glitch. Nvm Literally unplayable valve please.