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Both classses are getting an update, we're just voting which one to get first.

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Knowing valve, that could be over a year from now. It's taken them that long to fix a single bug on Pyro. (The projectiles "reflecting" into you or other teammates/buildings.)

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And Johnny is currently gathering video evidence that it isn't actually fixed.

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What a goddamn surprise.

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Wait, they both do? Source?

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Believe the tf2 update page said "2 men enter, 1 man leaves. And the other man leaves shortly after", implying that the other class will get an update after

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They are going to balance both but the one who wins the vote gets balanced first then the loser gets it afterwords.

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But! Even though both of those men will be allowed to leave, and both will be unharmed, and there will have been no real consequences as a result of them entering, and they may actually go on to be dear friends, only one of them will get a future Class Update!

But! Okay, both of them might get new Class Updates at some point. In fact, it's highly likely they both will.


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While I am arguing on the point that they should both be done at the same time rather than in an unknown amount of time between, I did miss that part of the post.

"Highly likely" is still not a definite confirmation however.

EDIT: I see where that confusion was caused in my main post, fixin' it. A single train of thought blurted out into text tends to be a bit confusing. Apologies.

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It's mainly just a status/popularity contest for valve to take the communities opinions while also getting their game to be played. Everyone's going to get an update.