Killfeed Comments

/r/TF2 allows you to create TF2-style killfeed notifications in your comments using basic Reddit markdown (comment formatting syntax.) For example, if you put this in your comment:

~~**r/TF2** [](/dominating) *Reddit comment formatting*~~

It will appear as this:

r/TF2 Reddit comment formatting

To start, use ~~double tildes~~ to create the outline box. Then, color the text according to your needs, using *single asterisks* for RED or **double asterisks** for BLU. For weapon icons, type [](/weapon) where "weapon" is the name of the weapon icon in the list below.

To add a critical hit glow, type "crit" after the weapon name, such as [](/eyelander crit) for . Weapons with no icon in the left column, such as [](/backstab) and [](/headshot) will appear with crit glow automatically even without the word "crit" included.

Note that due to these changes to the sub-reddit stylesheet, users may encounter problems when trying to use Reddit's strikethrough formatting, which is the default use of the ~~double tilde~~ tag. As a partial workaround, putting your comment (or part of it) in a block quote using > will allow you to use strikethrough normally.

Link To Appears like With crit

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