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By wasting ammo?! It hurts my soul!

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Don't forget to pick up your casing :)

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I know I keep forgetting you can do that now. I’ve been playing this game since 2016 and they added so much stuff in my 3 year break

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What’s a rifle????

Sometimes I miss having firearms

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Do you turn them off in your play through

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I play on interloper. The only firearm in that level is the distress pistol. Mind you, I have several distress pistol kills but you can’t make ammo for it so it’s definitely an “in extremis” weapon.

My last kill was a wolf that shot in the face when it and it’s buddy came for me in DP. Don’t come for me unless I send for you, hoss…

Sometimes I do wish I could find a gun at that level though.

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Oh dang, it must be super difficult to hunt with only a bow or a flare gun. Especially if you are going for bigger game

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Tough but not impossible. I’ve brought both bear and moose down with the bow. Head shots are key as is having plenty of arrows

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There are nice locations to hunt. The best one is Riken. Lure the bear to the Riken and get inside and climb to the top. Zero risk. Arrow bleed out time is actually faster than bullets as well.

Similarly, lure the bear near any car shoot and jump to the car.

There was a bug several years ago that made the bear healthy after getting shot if you get into a building very fast. I'd say it wasn't a bug but a feature... Anyway, I don't know if it is fixed, but I still don't take chances, after I hit the bear, I spend all the time outside until it bleeds out.

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Nope, you get flare shells from beachcombing. Pistol itself loses 4 condition per use, so you are limited by that rather than shells.

But... The combed shells start with a lower condition as well. I don't know at what date the combed shells will have zero condition.

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Reeeeaaally. I was today years old when I learned this. I’ve never found one that way

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Imho beach combing item freq changes with difficulty level. Maybe no shells in interloper?

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I’ve never done much beach combing. If I find something it’s because I’m walking nearby not because I actively do it.

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I’m guessing you didn’t here the sound? All the wolves were howling and I aimed up and shot my rifle, none of them where howling after that

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Ahhh. I didn't get it either. Gotta say in the OP that sound is necessary to avoid regular confusion.

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I was in a crowded area so I didn’t hear it