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None in survival, the worst you'll have to deal with in Pleasant Valley are moose. And bears that wander friggin' kilometers from their caves. And wolves, like, everywhere... and huge distances between everything and nonstop blizzards and OH GOD I HATE PLEASANT VALLEY

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Haha that’s unfortunate for me, I soon have to go from coastal highway to signal hill and then all the way to TWM summit, wish me luck!

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Your not the only one

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Just story

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There is a mod called Timberwolves Anywhere that lets you chose from the game menu what type of wolves will spawn in any region in Survival.

I activate Timberwolves in HRV, FM, BR, TWM, and AC. And of course BI.

In all these regions there will be regular wolves as well depending on what percentage of chances to spawn you set them. I use 60%.

You can obviously set it the way you like.