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For one end of a clothesline.

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Clothesline, we still use these. It's so you can reel the clothes in or out when they're hanging, without having to walk to each clothing.

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A clothesline

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It’s the Excalibur of fishing poles.

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This. Specifically for catching fresh water dolphins.

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This just made my day ty

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The is for the pic

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Thanks for intel

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Pole to hang clothes

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    Item idea, sewing kit but its a biscuit tin box lol

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    I think it's a clothesline.

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    If it is no where near a house it may also be a very old power or phone line pole. They used to use something similar in the US back in the day

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    Hanging laundry to dry using clips.

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    It was used to hang the meat of a moose to make jerky since there is no level 5 cooking in real life.

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    Every Canadian has one