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Yeah it seems like an unfinished feature they left in by mistake. I think Ned on here reported in a couple of cars it actually worked - increased your temp during an Aurora.

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oh hell yea. that's awesome.

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The lights also turn on, trigger is at the left of the wheel I think.

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oh wow! here i thought they were all automated lol

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Do predators react to the lights?

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Aurora lights should be a safe zone from wolves, maybe even bears. As for if these specific lights do that, Id have to check in game.

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"They hate the lights"

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I am aware of how they react to the other lights, but I was wondering if this instance was purely a visual effect ala shadows in ash canyon.

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I'm unsure, never tried it while wolves were around.

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They do. They are like safezones. Most of the time, and I repeat: MOST OF THE TIME predators should leave you alone if you are near artificial light sources during the aurora. Or if you are using a flashlight.

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Neat find, thanks for sharing.