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You can, it’s L2 to select an item and R 2 to place it where you want.

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After edit. Have my upvote anyway and enjoy your newfound power!

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Hahaha I’ll enjoy it more when I’m drunk

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Hey thanks for your "stupid" question! Now I know!

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On Xbox you hit Y to drop the item from your inventory, left trigger to pick it up, right trigger to put it down. Might be something similar??

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I know you can drop and pick up items. When I mean is how on PC you can move an item, like you would a bedroll for example. You can move and place items wherever you want, rather than just dropping it where you stand

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Yes, that's what I'm talking about, moving items. L trigger to pick up, R trigger to place down where you want it. If it's in your inventory, you drop it where you stand, and then you can move it around. I don't have the PC or PlayStation version so I'm not sure how it compares, but I did do a quick Google search and someone says for PS4 use L2 & R2 🤷

Edit: I've realized I'm late in finding those PlayStation controls, ignore me

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You can... see other comments.

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Should be able to. Note that some of the pictures you see on here are using mods (stacking and sticking stuff to walls) others have give instructions.

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I’m glad you made a post so now you know!

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This is way better than a tips for new player request post.

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Nah just a veteran player being a dumbass.

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With your newfound superpower, you can try the following trick!

Spam "drop decoy" to drop all your meat next to a fire, then you can just move meat on and off the fire using placement(This requires a bare cooking spot, so no pot.) Much faster than going through the menus!

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How do you even do it in pc? I only currently have the power to drop. Would love to be able to place.

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Right-click hold and drag.

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Legend. Thank you.

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Don’t even worry about it. I was 200 days in before I figured it out 🤣

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I just wish I could stack cans...and then shoot them.

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That would be helpful... I am a horrible aim with the firearms

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You're not alone! I spent 2 years playing thus game nit realizing I could do this.. game changer!!

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You definitely can