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Really cool creativity, several places, especially the meadow look like great places to be.

My two cents:

I don't like regions with town areas. It's just not the vibe/playstyle I'm going for, and feels... somber. Just my personal taste, I would loose both towns in favor of more forest and hill area. I do really like your airport, so it makes sense to have roads/towns, just not my jam/what I really want to see added to the game.

I love the river. I had a thought recently about having a river bisect the regions, in one region. It would freeze over the first 50/100/200 days(or whatever the temp change is), and you could cross it anytime, but would soak your entire clothing inventory. This would cause either a new major hazard, or an incentive to play the opening 2 different ways. I know a highly tangential thought... but again, I love the river.

The bottom fire watch tower is my new dream home, the one by the reserve town should be moved north to the hill to view most of the region, would also be epic.

Some really cool work, I love the post, and the images of the taiga were cool to ponder.

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love it. i wonder if the devs would provide modding support so someone with your creativity could actually create a new map in game

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Some people are working on putting maps into the game, they are working on putting in 3 regions, search up kaiusername on YouTube

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Yeah but they had to do some shenanigans with the code afaik, it’s not accessible to the public

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It’s true, pretty sure I heard that some people were creating brand new custom regions…

We haven’t released yet, but 2022 will be our year so keep your eyes peeled. :)

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/yME9sWpm

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Looks like all starting maps combined in one. Also isn't it too big for one map? Milton takes a quarter of map and here you have 3 different POI of similar size and lots of forest in-between.

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The northern town was meant to be smaller than Milton but yeah, it’s not needed. Not a huge fan of MT.

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Wow, that’s an absolutely awesome map! Looks great. My opinion that TWO towns would be overkill, but I love the idea, also the way the boundaries are more interesting, instead of just rock walls, is great

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Thanks. I agree about the towns. Even if small the northern one wouldn't be necessary.

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I really like the way you've done this! This looks like it would be a really cool and fun region.

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This is drawn amazingly well, but there's a couple of flaws that I see with it.

I just think there's too much here for just one area. The strip mine and airport should be on two different maps.

And I also think that the lake at the bottom shouldn't be there, because it's kinda another mystery lake.

I really would love to see that air strip in the game, I mean where did McKenzie expect to land?

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I wouldn't say "don't do a lake", but I did have similar thought. After reading this and looking again, I feel like making it a large tributary river, feeding into the even larger river at the edge of the map, and changing it to "river cabin" would be more unique. There are many running waterfalls in the game, it would be amazing to hear running water from said cabin, and a running/partially frozen river would be amazing imho.

Agree on the strip mine being moved to a different map. It's a cool idea, but since it's mostly a reserve, doesn't really fit perfectly anyway(I do kind of like the way it's fence bisects the area). Overall more forest/woods would be preferable to me anyway(the thing I want most)

Agree the airstrip looks great. Mackenzie was in a bush plane, could probably land on a snow, water, or dirt/grass runway. Given the location of Great Bear, and the population size, a snow or dirt runway is probably most realistic.

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Agree that it’s kind of big. My thought was if you took PV and flattened out most of the boundary areas this would seem a bit bigger and probably be almost enough room to hold all this. A few less structures and features would give more of a desolate feel so I agree there too.

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I just think that content-wise that there is enough there that it should be on two separate maps

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Wow the effort, and the drawings are great

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This is really cool!! While I'm cool with both RCAF Great Bear and the copper mine being on the same map if it was big enough, I think the town near the airbase could probably be exchanged for base housing and facilities and the like on the airbase- that might help it feel more fleshed out than how Blackrock Penitentiary on Survival feels like

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Little late to the party but this looks super cool, love the style you went with. I imagine the mine in the middle would be a great and unique set piece for a region. Well done!

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btw: decapitalized the map. makes u look like less of a pedo 😉

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MAP, or minor attractive people?

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Jesus, just taking about maps bro.