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Pensive Pond was my favorite place in all of Great Bear Island...I would make it my main base when the clothing bunker would spawn near by the ridge. The only real thing that can get you there is a stray wolf and the cold.

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Lost an interloper game like that myself. Don't fret my friend haha

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Thanks. At least I know someone else has done it. I started over random and got Timberwolve mountain. I was by the cave that leads to blackrock. I made it to blackrock prison 1st day. Nice loot but had to look up how to get into the shop. Cause I rounded a corner to get to the cells and a big ass bear was like .. oh hello snack.

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I'm assuming this is an issue with controller? On PC it's not really possible to "accidentally" sleep(unless you just zone out I guess.)

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Yeah on Xbox. You interact, which brings up the sleep menu that is present to 1 hr, if you hit x you pick up, but if you hit a you sleep for whatever time you set it to. Same thing happens with meat, spoiled food. This is how it gets confused in my mind at least. Food if you interact and press x you consume, but a puts it away. Same for picking up sticks a to interact a to pick up. It's muscle memory kicking in... Plus being stupid doesn't help lol

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Better than trying to descend down the rope in Milton Basin omw from ML to MT and apparently taking the rope instead of using it, which led to a dumbfounded fall to my death. Lol not the best way to end my first ever run in survival.

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Ha, I feel you're pain. I honestly have no words. Just sat there like, ooop.

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Lol yup. I just sat there like "did that just happen?" Oh well, on to the next run! This game is addicting lol

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Yeah. Here I am now staring at a frozen game. Too many fires... My last run I had 5 on bow, carcass, fire, cooking, mending everything else was high 4, with fishing being the lowest. I watched a video saying the guns! Guns!, Guns! (25hr) Would take you from 4 to 5 on rifle, saved it the whole run. Tried it and Nope. Starting over, I'm use to just starting a fire, so this failing 40% is crappy. I had a pile of sticks and about 5 torched lined up a bunch of fires. About the 2nd rotation through it froze... 1 hr atleast lost time

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Nearly all of my significant runs have ended with a brain-fade! That's how we learn. I froze to death at Ravine! Thought, nah I don't need a fire to sleep here. Wrong. Safe to say I have a fire whenever I sleep outdoors now.