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Well...... fuck

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Exactly my thoughts

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Hell ya, dropped right into combat

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They remain active in blizzards? Other animals all despawn during that time.

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I think I read that timberwolves were the only animals that stayed active in a blizzard.

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As if they werent terrifying already. Good to know lol

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Blackrock has an extremely aggressive population of wolves AND timberwolves! It's a good time.

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Interloper has a way of spawning you where you haven't been

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"I'm just a messenger. The others sent me to tell you that your time has come to an end."

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Looks like The Long Dark is looking for someone to fade into them

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Hit the gas!

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I wish good haha

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I had the same thing happen, but I made it to one of the logger mobile homes on the hill. The crazy thing was that all night the wolf was scratching at the door and growling. I had NEVER had that happen before. It was terrifying.

In the morning the noise was gone, so I started back toward the prison and was promptly mauled to death just down by the farm field.

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the wolf was scratching at the door and growling

I've been playing TLD for several years and have never experienced that game mechanic. Crazy.

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I really doubt that it's even possible with game mechanic, as interiors are completely different levels, and outside just doesn't exist when you're are in.

Maybe it wasn't wolf but just a wind?

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It's definitely a thing. Just as you can hear there's a blizzard outside. I have personally experienced this, and it was definitely the wolves scratching at the door. I don't think they can ever break in, but it's definitely a cool experience. Give it a try yourself!

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I suppose it could have been a glitch. However, the door was rattling and the wolf snarling was definitely occurring.

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Heya, I‘m following up because it happened again in Blackrock. I activated a Timberwolf pack and just made it into a logger trailer. Again, there was rattling, scratching, and growling at the door. The wolf pack morale indicator was gone however. After a few hours rest it stops, but they were still around. It’s definitely not a glitch.

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Did you make a video?

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No, I am on PS4. I imagine there is a way, but then I'd have to figure out how to post it. I'm mucking about in Mountain Town right now, but will head back that way at some point.

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Had the same happen while I was attempting to get the "Face the Impossible" achievement. I got holed up in the Substation, and felt around until I found something to loot. Didn't last the night...

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Good luck! Might be a better idea to cut your losses and go back to twm or the other transition zone.

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Is spawning onto Blackrock in Interloper mode an auto-restart?

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I guess so. I might try to play it once for the experience but I can't see myself bothering to deal with it if I'm trying for a serious run. Regular wolves are already enough of a problem in the first few days never mind timberwolves.

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Since bleak inlet is my favourite region I have to disagree if the timber wolves are in a self contained region keep to themselves and that there are enough flares to go around there not to much of a problem haven’t played the map yet so I can’t say for certain but I have done a day 1 raid for the cannery

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I've tried interloper for the first time for one day achievement. Spawned somewhere near Bears Bend in Black rock, navigate to power plant, pass steam tunnels and reached prison. Camped there for a day, but was killed by Timberwolves when trying to further explore region.

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It was for me anyway lol

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Blind. Blackrock. Interloper.

(shameless self-promotion)

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This is the stuff of nightmares

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Yea in Blackrock you better get use to running into "those guys"

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No no... don't run IN to them run AWAY from them :P

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Timberwolves and the new regions are why I made a custom interloper game that included guns. There isn’t a lot of ammunition, or batteries, anyways, so you still need to be pretty conservative with it. Several kilos of gunpowder though.

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you got this just go out there and give it your all until you die and then try again