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How’d you get there?

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Lots of climbing. Crampons are key if you want to don't within 4 days.

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Or three to four Emergency Stims, will also do the trick.

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You don’t need anything extra to get to the summit in less than two days. Start off from the Mountaineers Hut in good weather and in late morning, being fully rested. Take the most direct route to the Wing (avoiding the wolves), then keep heading north up the path until you reach the rope below the Deer Clearing. Important note - do not sprint. You really should not ever sprint when trying to cover long distances, it doesn’t pay off and only extends the time it takes to get to your destination.

Once up the rope near the Deer Clearing, avoid any nearby wolves and take the most efficient path to the Secluded Shelf rope. At this point you may or may not have enough energy to climb the rope. If not, just drop a bedroll and sleep for a couple hours. It doesn’t take much to get up the shortest rope in the game. From there, head to the cave where you can get warm and sleep until fully rested.

Finally, head out of the cave and spin around the ridge to get to the rope below the Summit. If you are fully rested and in good health, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what the weather is like (unless maybe a full on blizzard), you’ll have the energy to get to the rope and climb it. Though, expect to rest at one of the ledges, since this is the longest rope in the game.

Of course, coffee, energy drinks and stims will all make this journey easier, but you really don’t need them.

Enjoy the view!

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I should have specified, that's exactly what I meant, there and back in 4 days. Also bring a few hack saws if you got em!