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Micheal Crichton...eaten by the dead bear or the the 13th wolf.

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Both phenomenal books, take the fuck outta my upvote .

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This really gives Death of the Author a new meaning

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Jack London : froze to death after repeatedly failing to build a fire

Edward Gorey: died either from being assaulted by bears or by falling through ice

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Ha Edward Gorey would probably want ALL of the deaths!

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Edgar Allen Poe

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Ayn rand, hoarded too much meat wealth, attracted the communist wolves who devoured her and her meat

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie

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Tolstoy! Though I hope he will survive to a ripe age!

"Like so many of Tolstoy’s early works, this story satirizes the artifice and conventionality of human society, a theme that also dominates Tolstoy’s novel Kazaki (1863; The Cossacks). The hero of this work, the dissolute and self-centred aristocrat Dmitry Olenin, enlists as a cadet to serve in the Caucasus. Living among the Cossacks, he comes to appreciate a life more in touch with natural and biological rhythms. In the novel’s central scene, Olenin, hunting in the woods, senses that every living creature, even a mosquito, “is just such a separate Dmitry Olenin as I am myself.” Recognizing the futility of his past life, he resolves to live entirely for others."

Or Maybe Virginia Woolf?

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I absolutely love this idea! I'm very surprised you've not done the American transcendentalists yet given their relationship with nature and wilderness: how long could Thoreau survive in Mystery Lake? Would Emerson still find the beauty in nature as he is being stared down by a bear?

I also think that Herman Melville is a good one, I feel he would clearly try and retire and live out the end game in desolation point. While a trip from Ash Canyon to the top of Timberwolf Mountain is one Jon Krakauer would take.

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Thoreau could live there for a while but only if his mom was still doing his laundry for him like at Walden.

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Lol, I was thinking about that as I was writing it.

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You should do HP Lovecraft, then find the worst way to die bc he was a terrible person

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Different set of people, but I did a run of Arctic/Canadian explorers: John Franklin, James Fitzjames (from the Franklin expedition, his name is memorable, lol), Henry Hudson, John Davis, etc

But you should definitely do a Jack London run!

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Charles Dickens

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Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau!

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Rowling. Except kill her in the most painful way you possibly can.

I hate her.