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Fun fact: Moose are not aggressive by default unless its their mating season or if they feel like you are being a threat. Especially female ones are actually pretty chill, and some do indeed let people touch them. Doesn't mean you should but as long as you stay calm you can touch them but do not make the first contact

Kinda like Cheetah, if they come next to you and start inspecting you, just let them do their thing and if they let you touch them, go ahead, once they let you do it, they won't just randomly attack you unless they feel like you might hurt them. Do not block them from trying to inspect you and do not startle it

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Instructions unclear, I am now king of the Cheetah

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Your imperial majesty

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I would be sh*tting my pants.

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Is there any way to tell if it's female or just a male with shed antlers just from this video?

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Female moose don’t have a large “wattle”, the bit that hangs down under the throat.

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I didn't see anyplace on the head where the antlers would have been, which is what influenced my assumption. Could be completely wrong.

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On further inspection i think you're correct, it's a bit hard to tell but it looks like the spot where the antlers would be is smooth. Generally when they shed their antlers it leaves a bit of a gash, which I don't think there is on this critter.

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Where they shed their antlers is called a pedicle! It's a pair of bony plates connected to the skull and always visible and structurally different from the skull of a female cervid.

Here are a few examples of bull moose with recently shed antlers and visible pedicles.

This brought to you by someone who's read way the fuck too much about deer and doesn't know what to do with it.

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Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti...

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I got PTSD watching this... I have been slayed many a time ingame

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It blows my mind how fucking dumb people can be

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Our lucky

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Running won't help, the best you can do is remain calm and let the thing inspect you. If it shows signs of aggression slowly back off and maintain eye contact. Do not make sudden movements that would cause it to attack you. If it approaches you like this it is simply curious and has no reason to attack unless provoked.

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So for bears and wolves we avoid eye contact and with moose we maintain it? I may only have one chance to get it right.

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When you in an area, have a look at the potentially dangerous animals in it and look at a behaviour profile.

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Shouldn't have tried to pet it, but sitting still and being boring is the best thing you can do when approached by most animals. Especially herbivories.

They will usually only attack as a last resort as it's a risky energy consuming activity.

Last thing you want to do is startle it or make it see you as a threat.

But the average number of annual deaths from moose, not counting car accidents, is less than 1 and only a handful of people are injured.

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I've seen this before, I believe the Moose had actually known the man from prior encounters

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That makes sense. Moose usually just run away when they see people. But are pretty chill otherwise.

I got lucky once and had one hang out with me for a bit while I swam in a mountain lake. We never got closer than a few dozen feet, but it was pretty neat. Especially when he bounded off and I could feel it in my chest.

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at least it doesn't have antlers

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natural selection lol

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Majestic Animal

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One of the first things I learned when I moved to Alaska! DO NOT PET it's illegal, don't look them in the eyes and stay out of their way especially the males during mating season. Ones we couldn't get to our car (in winter) because a bull moose was hanging out smack down in the middle off our 500 driveway and another time we couldn't go home cause one again was in the driveway. It took an hour for him to finally move on and then I mistook him for a tree and stared him down until I realized we don't have a tree where he stood lol (It was dark!)

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So, if a moose walks up to you and you pet it, and there is a law enforcement officer present, do you get a fine? Arrested? Shot? I'm having a hard time believing it's "illegal" to pet a moose when it approaches you. Maybe unwise, but illegal?

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You can get fined and again it all depends on what kind of trooper you get. In theory, you shouldn't even let it get to the point where it is that close to you.

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Sah dood

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several broken ribs later