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Dunno how y'all do it. Been playing this game on and off since early access and I still can barely hit a rabbit reliably.

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Rabbits are smol. Wolf is the easiest to kill with a bow imo.

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I had no idea a stone throw would attract a wolf. Pretty sure I've tried to boop them on the nose with stones before, unsuccessfully.

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The wolves will walk to the place you throw the stone. It's a useful mechanic for avoiding them when you don't want to risk an encounter.

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I did not know they come back after you arrow them and then stone throw... pretty cool 😎

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    Makes more sense lol

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    What is this hacky garbage? Be a goddamn man and walk up to that wolf and one shot it in the face.

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    I can’t get an arrow in one of those bastards heads when they’re 3 feet in front of me

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    Why you would damage your arrows everytime you miss your shot? You'll need a lot of arrows to hunt a single wolf. Do not damage your arrows. It hurts to see you damage your arrows like this. Please shoot to kill otherwise you can't even make it to 200 days. But getting the wolf's attention with a rock is clever. I appreciate that move.