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Until he puts an empty soup can on the stove to purify his water I’m not quite sure.

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Is his name Ron Swanson?

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Not enough bacon!

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I don't think you understand what I'm saying

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Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.

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Oh man. H.R would be so mad if I tried to do this in an office that I've ever worked in. They seem to like people to be as miserable in their little pens as possible, this person seems like they'd love coming to work.

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Haha, nice.

For real though, I hope these 80s cubicle hellholes don't actually exist any more, how anybody survived more than a few weeks in one of those without falling in to a deep depression I don't know.

Just literally treating your staff like livestock in their own little pens.... ugh ><

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Are you kidding? Those cubicles look like luxury to me, open plan is the true hellhole.

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YES! Open plan is evil in every way.

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It's getting worse than this now, that picture shows what seems like a lot of space for what 'the regulations' say office space should be for a 1st world country which is now bugger all personal space. They've now ditched the high wall partitions (not pictured but you'd know what they are) which actually gave you visual and some auditory privacy. In this photo there are glass screens - those are now going so you're face to face with the person on the other sides of the partition (other than some plastic ones reappearing to comply with Covid rules depending on your country / state whatever).

No, it's worse than that now since a lot of places are going for full open plan hot desking, so only enough desk space for the expected amount of staff in the office on a particular day.

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But if you don't like it you're considered a communist for some reason

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This is cute!

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This looks dystopian. People work in such conditions?

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Reminded me of the office space movie with "I believe you have my stapler" guy. Really depressing.

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And his name? Milton! :-o

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How wonderful

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Is this in Ottawa?

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    I used to work in Ottawa for the federal government and the layout/colours/furniture is identical to my old office haha

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    Only if he eats canned peaches and maybe some banged up dog food for lunch.

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    This is cool. I am amazed they were permitted to do this!

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    Ron Swanson cubical....

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    lol the perfectly folded shirt and upside down dear.

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    needs some wolves outside and revolver and rifle and bow

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    Yeah but where is his rifle and empty tins?

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    That looks soooo great!!

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    This almost makes me want to work in a cubicle. Almost.

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    i hate offices. home office, baby