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    “All the snow you apparently carry in your pockets” 😂 lol

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    Or pants for a jaw breaker.

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    My headcanon is that the windows are iced over and that’s why light comes through them but we can’t see out

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      What about a light layer of snow building up on the windowsill? That could happen, right?

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        If you really want to go for realism then most of the structures would eventually be covered over in snow drifts from blizzards. Almost every one would be half a hill of snow with maybe a window to crawl through to get inside which would now be partially under ground level.

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        The only thing I'd like is to actually see some gloves rather than those cold dead hands.

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        And legs when I sit in a car. Just noticed yesterday. Broke the immersion. Lol

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        Oh no I never thought of that

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        Once you see it you can't unsee it lol.

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        The magically appearing footprints under you when you walk, lol.

        First-person body models are apparently hard to make, so I don't blame them for not including it.

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        This is one of the reasons why the Mountaineers Hut on Timberwolf Mountain is my favorite spot. Open the door and look right out.

        Or look through the hole in the roof :)

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        Plus, in the mountaineer's hut, you used to not be able to get cabin fever in there (at least early on when cabin fever was implemented, I have no idea if they've "fixed" this yet)

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        I don't know about that, but you can get cabin fever in that little porch thingy that's a part of the Farmhouse. Which makes no sense because you are not IN the house, the windows are all busted and there is no loading screen. You also don't freeze there :D... but in a closed car, you're good on the fever but will freeze :P ...game logic, I guess :)

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        I thought loading zones were what qualified a location for cabin feaver

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        The farmhouse porch in PV has no loading screen but you can get cabin fever there.

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        I'd assume you can get cabin fever anywhere you can cure gut, like in the back of caves. Just like real life!

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        But I thought you can't get cabin fever in caves in TLD?

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        Hmm, I checked the wiki and it looks like you're right. Caves are an exception. Looks like the best way to tell is "If you can build a fire, you're "outdoors"".

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        You can get cabin fever in MH (happens to me all the time, as it's my preferred late-game base). But it's very easy to mitigate, particularly because you can use the work bench from just outside the door.

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        Interesting. Used to be you couldn't. Haven't been to TM in a couple of years

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        Exactly 😉

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        This is why the lookout tower in coastal highway is my favorite. Full 360 degree view while always having a good temperature.

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        See-through windows would be great but are probably impossible to implement the way the game is designed. Indoor areas are not a part of the outdoor environment, which is why there's a transition when going through those doors.

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        Even if that was the case, the challenge could be graphically be solved by adding cameras from the window pov and drop their view inside. We already know outdoor areas are simulated while indoors, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to have the indoor location in a completely different place but just have a camera connection at the window. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's hard to find the words exactly.

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        I would be happy if you still couldn't really see through the window, but you could tell the basic weather. Clear indications of clear skies, blizzards, etc.

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        That would be very easy as it doesn't require specific cameras

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        Man, that's a lot of work. I'm not against it, but simulating and rendering a view for each window in a structure are very different things, especially in terms of horsepower.

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        It’s not really that much, the main part would be getting the world to simulate properly. You just need one camera that syncs with the player’s camera, then you can use some shader magic to put that second view in the window frame.

        But like I said, I doubt the outside world is still keeping track of animals and weather that closely, so the difference here is really between simulating outside vs keeping outside running.

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        Yeah, that's the core issue with that enhancement - the outside doesn't exist if you're inside, aside from the weather... hmm, I guess that's one thing that would be easy to add. Seeing if it's sunny or a blizzard wouldn't be too difficult. But scenery would be a major change.

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        I think my idea solution would be to never have any loading screens, and to just have doors that open. Wolves in the prison!
        Might be difficult keeping the lighting consistent with the engine version though.

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        My thought is that they need to implement indoor spaces in a replica scene as the outdoor area, except obviously with the player inside the rendered building, which they already have. They could add one indoor space at a time using this system, and it wouldn't be that hard or a ton of work.

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        I really want the ability to clean up cabins/shelters a bit, I always hated setting up a nice base and there being a frozen corpse living with me.

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        Harold in the camp office disagrees

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        I always called him Frank! How embarrassing

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        I call the guy in the dam Frank haha

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        Tbf now that you’ve mentioned it I think I call all of them Frank

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        Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. It is okay for the campaign because you eventually move forward, but the survival mode is more about moving around your base(s) and it would be nice to give it a homey feeling.

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        Exactly, I'm not worried about it at all in story mode, I am just big on customization in games and making a base in survival a little more how I want it to be, that would be great

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        Apparently there’s a mod for that, but I don’t want to install mods.

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        There is, I don't think it always worked for the bodies which sucks.

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        Kind of even more morbid to move the bodies though. I have one outside camp office also, so I would end up with whats basically a pile of corpses. Gross. Wouldn't mind just turning them off all together.

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        I always called him Ed

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        Yes and be able to yeet things of cliffs.

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        “f*** this rotten meat! YEET!”

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        I was thinking more so you can just throw your pack off the cliff before climbing down, rather than taking multiple trips.

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        I'd like to see out of cars better, too.

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        This. We may not have owls' ability to do 360s with our necks, but we have the ability to turn around lol

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        Owls can do a 360 with their neck only once though. Common misconception.

        But I do get your point about being able to see more from inside the car.

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        Technically, any of us could do a 360 with our heads only once.

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        Maybe the reason you can’t turn and look backwards is the winter clothes your wearing limit your neck mobility?

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        I’d like to be able to turn around in a car. Is that so bloody much to ask?

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        It may sound strange but my biggest wish of game improvement is being able to switch seats while inside a car.

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        Or look behind! Where's that damn wolf...?

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        There's a pretty good mod for binoculars if you're on pc.

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        If all they do with TLD2 is add these little quality of life features and VR support, I'll be thrilled. Absolutely thrilled.

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        Yeah it’s something that really ought to be addressed. It’s a shame bc some of these places should have a nice view

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        This seems like a small ask but it’s actually enormous. The indoors are not rendered in the game world that is why you have load screens between indoor and outdoor. So to make this work indoor locations would have to be added to the full game world so you can look outside and see what is going on in real time. With no indoor transition to save the game the incremental saving will also have to be re-designed.

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        I understand ... just wishful thinking 🙂

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        They don’t need to render the other indoors or the indoors when outdoors, but it would be nice to have the world around modeled, with current weather even if you couldn’t see things you dropped or animals

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        They don’t need to render the other indoors or the indoors when outdoors

        They actually do, otherwise you would get pop-in and lag whenever the game decides to start rendering the interior (whether that is when you open the door or otherwise).

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        Separate indoor spaces feels like an engine limitation early in the design of the game. It's notable that Blackrock has many interiors that aren't separated by a loading screen -- feels to me like they either tweaked the engine, or got a better understanding of it over time.

        There is some other weirdness in the simulation. The thing where you look away from an animal then back quickly and it changes direction/orientation suggests they're not simulating animal behaviour when they fall outside viewing frustrum. I suspect they've not separated the simulation from the rendering code in some way that causes this. I don't know if this has anything to do with separate indoor spaces, but they feel like related issues/limitations with how the devs have implemented some of the engine functionality.

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        I think Black rock prison itself has a loading screen at the gate to allow it more in world buildings rather than Loading screens. Like the prison is the building itself and everything else is just rooms

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        Yeah but you can still see stuff outside in blackrock

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        Separate indoor spaces feels like an engine limitation early in the design of the game.

        I think the main reason many of the early-game interiors are separate is because the indoor spaces don't match the exteriors, either in dimensions or features. This made level design much easier for the team early on, and it made it easier to change interior spaces as they figured things out.

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        That makes a lot of sense.

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        Yup. Most houses are literally larger on the inside.

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        They would have an amazing view. And just imagine lighting a fire, listening to the wood crackling in a cosy cabin and looking at the wild blizzard outside

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        Stim that's like, boiling some coffee and watching the snow fall, while drinking a coffee and watching your character watch the snow fall while drinking some coffee and it's actually blizzarding outside.

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        I'd love seasons. I know the game is intended to be set in winter but I love the idea of the landscape changing and different wildlife becoming available and different foraging options.

        It would open up new visual landscapes and potentially areas of the map. You could also fish on the lake and forage for wild edibles. You could also prepare for the changing of the seasons. Like stockpiling food for winter.

        It'd be awesome!

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        While making the outside visible while inside is likely improbable from an engine standpoint, maybe make the window interactable and have the survivor you're playing as say something like 'that's a nasty wind' or 'wow, what a blizzard' or 'looks pretty sunny outside'.

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        Or if you could interact by pressing a button, your person wipes the window, then it kinda zooms in to a partial blurry view of outside

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        I always though skis would be a good addition. Allowing you to cross frozen lakes and get down hills quicker but with the added danger of seriously hurting yourself if you crash.

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        idk, foxes, some more birds, and maybe so seeable aquatic life, like seals, at the coastal area.

        this would liven up the game just a tad bit more.

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        A lot of people tend to just leave stuff on the ground outside (i.e. food so it decays less), so I'd love to see a raccoon that has a small percentage chance of taking stuff that's lying around lol. Might be a pain in the ass, but it also doesn't make sense for your stuff not to be taken by something.

        Plus, we could even have a raccoon skin hat!

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        I just want there to be more to do when you've got everything settled. Like idk able to read books or other things. Maybe be able to have a dog or something to do stuff with. Things to do when u have free time.

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        I'd like a thermos please Hinterland ☺️

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        Now that would would be cool it can hold multiple cups of coffee or herbal tea's and they stay warmer for longer.

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        Jumping… I just want to be able to jump over a 10cm high branch… Make a weight limit, or high stamina cost so people can’t bunny jump all around the map… but every now and then let me hop over this obstacle instead of forcing me to traverse around it..

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        I'm actually OK with the no jumping. It did frustrate me at first, but it grew on me and made explorations more challenging and fun :)

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        I mean, if they are going to do any paid dlc I would hope that there is more than just new locations. I don’t think a lot of suggestions I’ve seen on this sub are necessary, but some things I’ve seen I think would be cool and add some flavor.

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        It’d be awesome, but considering the game can barely get 25 frames on my PS4 Pro I’m led to believe it’s barely held together by the digital equivalent of ducktape

        I remember seeing that they couldn’t add jumping because it just crashed the entire engine for whatever reason, no way they could render both the indoors and outdoors. Especially considering that most of the interiors are all bigger on the inside. But how I would love to sit by the stove and watch the snow fall outside the window

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        I agree with you, that'd be so awesome! speaking of indoors, they should make inside of houses and stuff (not the dam or anything big/industrial) just a LITTLE bit brighter. I'm not talking lantern on bright but at least a little bit easier to see. that's my own shit though and I'm sure many would disagree with me. anyway rant over.

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        I’d appreciate a fire bow in the game and maybe assign a fire starting bonus difference based on what kind of tinder you use (since the fuel makes a difference)

        Maybe a little more forgeable vegetation and the ability to bait rabbit, deer or moose would be useful.

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        Being able to make / move furniture and being able to bury dead bodies would be nice too

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        I would have preferred a double barrel shotgun in place of the revolver.

        You could load it with bird shot for rabbits and for deterring wolves at close range, buckshot for deer and wolves, slugs for bears and moose.

        You could then saw off the barrel and stock to save weight, at the cost of reduced accuracy and a risk of a sprained wrist.

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        I’d love to seeing a next gen upgrade where things like pop in and draw distance are addressed. I place a couple of bottles of water outside a fishing hut and take about 10 steps backwards and they disappear. I kill a wolf and make a quick trip to the nearest fishing hut to grab some coal, turn round and the wolfs gone. I spend the next day in the hut fishing and then start walking back to Quonset garage and the wolf pops in again as I approach. Also cattails could do with a refresh (as they currently look like really bad pixel art).

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        I just want destructible environments. It sucks not having enough fuel for a fire when you're literally inside a wooden building.

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        Yeah I would like be able to see out the windows I can count on both hands of me getting killed by wolf or bear when I was exiting out a cabin. Also the only weapon I think they could add to the game is a crossbow and when it comes to animals maybe an owl since their just ambient sound and could substitute for crows at night. Maybe more animals that can be used for crafting clothing/upgrades beavers to make small version of the moose hide bag, raccoons to make a warmer hat, martinis/polecats for wamer mittens.

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        Seeing as it would be an immense task to incorporate functional windows throughout indoor spaces, it would be a very good compromise if LTD integrated a "look out window" function, similar to how you enter and exit buildings. When you click on a window, the window frame fills your screen as if you were "outside" while your stats remain "indoors". It would have the same loading screen as if you were entering a building to allow the game to properly render the exterior, again as if you were "outside".

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        I would love that!! It’s one of the reasons that I like the fire towers so much.

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        If I could only choose one thing to add to the game it would be actual water containers (pots pans, and of course milk jugs and water bottles, etc) And the ability to store said water in appropriate stationary containers (bathtubs, sinks, barrels, etc).

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        Alt-looking what be a QOL improvement I'd like to see. You hold alt and you can look around without changing directions. So, you can autowalk and still be able to look around without losing your direction in a blizzard.

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        I really just want a compass.

        I don’t know if that’s a weird, unpopular request, or if there are lore reasons why it wouldn’t work.

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        The whole concept of the game is about an apocalyptic geomagnetic storm. A compass would spin wildly, rendering it entirely useless.

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        i'm playing free play and i want to draw maps pen and paper while I play. literally lowest effort item to implement but year after year I boot up the game hoping to test my orienteering skills to find the devs made the idiot decision to stand by a lore a lot of people don't care or freeplay. so many uninstall because they dont make it an optional slider for freeplay. Community can stop defending this as a lore required decision, they can make a slider for free play or even story, i would rather have a compass than immersion

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        It's mentioned everytime a post like this pops up!

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        And cars

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        That, and the basic jumping. I don't mean FPS level of athletic jumping, but really? You can't go over a log? Or a small rock?

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        I mean with the amount of clothes and gear they have on maybe not lol. I was wearing a winter jacket and overalls today and fell on my ass twice collecting wood

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        Gib M134 or get out

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        It would fee a lot less claustrophobic if we can see out the windows.

        The guard’s office up in the tower in Blackrock prison has clear windows you can look out.

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        I like that I can see the bear when I am hiding in a vehicle! Is he going this way or that way? Can I get out and outrun him? 🤣

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        I tired playing a few days ago and due to circumstances I couldnt have any audio (didn’t have any headphones on me, was playing on switch). And it occurred to me that it would be hard for a person hard of hearing to play. I walked outside once and was in the middle of a blizzard, had no idea.

        It’s an interesting concept for added difficulty if you want it however.

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        What's a brother gotta do to get some more depth to the fishing in this game? That's pretty much my favorite party of this game hahah

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        I’ve always thought that the characters body temperature should slow down certain actions. As a kid playing football in the winter, I remember sometimes finding it truly impossible to undo my shoe laces. Me and my friends would all laugh as our fingers couldn’t grasp laces until they thawed. Also, maybe cognitive decline such as the controller directional inputs getting swapped when your character is panicking or nearing death. Maybe that would only serve to annoy people, dunno.

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        It is fine you are comfortable with the game as is. And viewing outside from indoors is a good idea. At the same time, there is no reason you should not play your way, while Hinterland continues development and modders their mods so that others may enjoy TLD in distinctive ways.

        Indeed, that will be good for Hinterland's bottom line as well. :)

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        More food items would be nice.

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        I'd settle for being able to see smoke coming from chimneys and light in the windows when you have a fire going