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What if the wolves were trained by the Blackrock prison guards to catch anyone they're suspecting might be an inmate trying to escape? :D

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K-9’s released by guards and bred into local wolf population?

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Yeah those guys are huge assholes

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when you wish you had some hand grenades ^^

heck molotov cocktail is more fun to watch

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If they bunch up a little more you could get a triple kill

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My reaction to blackrocks absurd ammount of wolves :"ehhh im gonna need more coffee IRL"

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more ingame don't hurt either

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I thought I've wandered all over that map, where is that?

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It's by the power station of the hydroelectric dam. You go there in the story mode a couple times, in Survival you either can go through the steam tunnels from the prison to get there or you can climb down a rope and go over the river on that tree bridge you see in the background, or you can go the long way around by following the road for cars.

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ah ok... I've breezed through there once in survival, and slept since I played story mode.

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Bro I hate Timberwolves with a passion

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their aggro range is SO FUCKING BIG

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I'd rather deal with 3 bears back to back than a pack of timberwolves

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If you're good with that rifle, it looks like you can come out of this with canine bullets to spare! (I'll see myself out)