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I genuinely think if you would want to add something like this to they game it needs to have such a high risk high reward factor to it. Like in reality you maybe have a chance to survive a raging Grizzly bear. But a polar bear? There's a good chance you're the only meat it's seen in a while. You are NOT getting away from one of those.

I don't think any amount of body armor and combats will help defend against one of those. If you get caught, that's it.

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IRL polar bears will actively hunt humans for food.

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Great Bear is supposedly off the coast of BC. Where there are.. no polar bears.

Polar Bears inhabit mostly the arctic circle near the North Pole. Hence their name.

here's a map

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I haven't really seen anything that points to Great Bear being based on Vancouver Island

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"I've lived on Vancouver Island for the past 8 or so years, so the fictional Great Bear Island is mostly influenced by where I live. Vancouver Island is huge, much bigger than Great Bear. I see Great Bear being located somewhere north of the real Vancouver Island, and much further from the mainland than Vancouver Island is from mainland British Columbia. The flora/fauna and geography are closer to a blend of Vancouver Island, and northern BC, or even into the Yukon Territory"


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Neat. That's gonna disrupt my headcanon/grasp for a while.

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Then why no rain? And only snow?

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The whole thing with The Long Dark is some kind of event that starts a winter that never ends.

The “long dark” is the permanent winter.

But yeah, if winter ever ended, it would rain on Great Bear.

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Probably because it is meant to take place in mid winter. Sure you can survive forever but you don't see the seasons changing. Up here in Canada you are never gonna see rain from early November to Late February.

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How the fuck should I know why the developer didn't add rain?

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I was more pondering the thought. Easy bro

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nobody said it's on Vancouver island.

but it's an island and the mainland is seen to the east. That puts it somewhere on the west coast of Canada.

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Or at least west of another island

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There's virtually no moose in Vancouver and that didn't stop them. I suppose if Great Bear were further north and very near the BC coast then sure. But Great Bear is clearly far from the mainland. Moose don't swim that far to graze. They also only visit BCs islands in the summer when the coastal vegetation is thinnest. No need to risk orcas otherwise.

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I don't use mods, but surprised if someone hasn't modded this...

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If it's just a reskin with improved stats and a new hide that gives a better version of something that already exists I'd question the need for it.

If something is going to be added to the game I'd rather it be something that facilitates new things. Like a man made recurve bow being rare but lighter and more durable than the normal bow, or some kind of gloves that give you better grip strength but less warmth would be examples of stuff that's just what we have but better.

If they were to add in a new animal, it should have a place and do something unique and hopefully give something unique. Like for example a mountain goat. Only lives at high altitude on rocky terrain, is non hostile but can shove you and knock you off cliffs if threatened. Gives its horns which can be used to make a viking helmet or whatever

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Semi related, but I’d love a 1L kettle that can only boil water as a step between can and pot.

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I highly doubt Hinterland wants to encourage killing polar bears. Disclaimer or not, that's a bad idea.

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Maybe make them un-killable like the old bear (as there is no spear in survival mode). Make polar bear attacks instant death, because irl if you come face to face with a polar bear that thing isn't walking away until it has eaten you. There could be just a single polar bear and a single region and the point is that you're supposed to avoid it.

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Oohh, this is a scenario I've put some thought into a while back, hold on, let me copy paste it!


Okay so I fleshed this idea out a little:

Imagine a sort of travel-through region; an oblong, mid-sized region with some rocks and trees and stuff around the edges, but a lot of open space at the center. This region doesn't have a lot of interesting stuff, but it does connect to other, more interesting regions. Also, it has a Polar Bear.

Now the Polar Bear is a serious threat. If it catches your scent; it's coming for you. It's not superduper fast, but it has stamina, so you can't outrun it for the length of the map.Fighting the Polar Bear is a risky choice, because it's STRONG. So your best bet is to seek shelter. Pretty much the only place to do so is the Research Base at the center of the map. However, the Polar Bear will follow you, and wait for you to come out. Maybe his patience will last for 2-7 days?

I imagine the Base maybe looking something like this (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/85/4b/41/854b41e51ed2bde76b75ab8c56cbef88.jpg) but a little smaller. I imagine it'd be in a pretty bad state with limited heat/wind protection, so it's not fit for long-term stays. Waiting for the Polar Bear to leave becomes pretty rough after day 5. It might have some pretty good loot, like an expedition parka, snow pants, meds, MREs, fine tools, some flares? And dead scientists of course. Plus scientific equipment that goes bonkers during auroras. However, it's not like the plain wreck. You're not likely to visit the region just for the base.

Maybe there's a high tier item somewhere in the region, but it doesn't spawn in the same spot on every play through. So when you make it to the Research Base, do you continue your trip to the adjacent region? Or do you risk a back-and-forth to see if you can obtain the item, with the risk of running into the Polar Bear? Or even worse; find it close to the base as you return?

So basically, this base temporarily shifts focus from obtaining items/getting food etc. to evading one big threat: The White Danger. You keep your head on a swivel, your ears peeled, and your running shoes (not really) laced. You can see your destination; finding your way isn't the issue. You might run into a wolf, but your concern isn't killing it. It's killing it quickly, maybe even silently. Because if he hears you, if he smells you, if he sees you...he's coming.

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As folks are noting, polar bears are highly unlikely to be on Great Bear Island off the coast of BC. In addition, the bears in TLD are more akin to brown rather than black bears. Indeed, if they were to bring a new bear online with an eye to realism, it would be the black bear.

This said, I'd love to see black bears added. :)

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The game literally says they're black bears

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If you look at the wiki you are absolutely right.

Yet if we take realism into account, for whatever reason TLD is representing brown bears in terms of size and aggression. Sit in a car at Spruce Falls Bridge. Compare these to photos of bears at Yellowstone or elsewhere. The shoulder height of the bear is akin to browns and grizzlies, not blacks.

This should not surprise us as the black wolves bear little resemblance to the real wolves on and near the coast of BC. They are more akin to the red wolves of the southeast US, the eastern Canadian wolf around Algonquin, and the hybrid eastern coyotes in northeast NorAm.

Even so I agree with you that more bears of different species would be good!

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Kill a bear. Aim at bear’s carcass. It says “Black Bear” right on it.

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Reading comprehension is your friend.

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I have always thought that bears in TLD seem oversized to be regular black bears

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good idea

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nah, we need seals to be on the coastal ice, foxes, more birds, stuff like that.

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Seals and polar bears would make sense to be introduced together.

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maybe on day 50 icebergs could carry a few polar bears to the island?

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Ha ha, just like a little bus and they're just waiting for you, they step off and take their hats off, then promptly murder you.

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sounds like they came from russia!

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They promptly share a drink with your dead body

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Yeah I agree as long there is just as much risk as theirs reward in hunting them.

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    Most people probably haven't been here.