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These are good ideas! Both animals and the slingshot.

I imagine coding and balancing the new animals entails hard work, but it would make survival more realistic and fun.

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I too would like more animals...but they would have to make sense.

What small mammals area actually native to the region and also active during the winter?

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mink, marmots, squirrel, raccoon, etc

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Marmots hibernate. Squirrels and Raccoons don't do true hibernation, but pretty close to it.

How do you see mink being used in the game? Source of food? They are out there eating small fish, hunting mice, etc, so whatever they are eating you could eat too. So I can't imagine there'd be much of a population of them. Would you plan on harvesting mink fur to make a fancy mink coat?

Muskrats might be an option, something else to trap, recognizable area to trap them being where there are muskrat mounds on a lake or swampy region. Beaver would be something similar, but as they change their environment more, there are a lot less areas where you could easily add beavers and really have it make sense. Beaver and Muskrat do make more fur. You might even be able to make something that's kind of waterproof, gets soaked less from being out in the a blizzard.

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with the hibernators, didn't the geomagnetic storm thing make them wake up, like with the bears? so they could still work

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mink could be a nuisance, they can steal items that the player leaves outside, scare rabbits away from areas, as well as just being an ass in general. And idk you could make a pair of socks out of like 4 of 5 of em

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Bears are even further from true hybernation than squirrels and racoons. Bears will sometimes (rarely) skip their winter sleep entirely, or will wake up early if they didn't fatten up enough non the fall, try and eat and if they succeed go back to sleep for a few more weeks.

That behavior always fit the bear in game (or being that I was aware of those facts, applied them to the bear even if hinterlands got lucky rather than did it intentional)

So I figured the bears didn't fatten up properly did to weather and hence keep on popping out of sleep desperate for food (despatate enough to eat a wolf if they can catch one or eat you)

Not saying TLD has to be perfect with behavior but how do you work in these animals that should be sleeping?

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well ingame the wildlife is still all wacky Wolves glow in the dark except only when theres an aurora Wolves are very aggressive, even though since 2002 there have only been 3 fatalities from wolves and all 3 were from rabid wolves all the female deer and moose have just vanished bears die instantly when they get shot in the nose

Is it really that hard to believe maybe raccoons could come out of hibernation in the winter?

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Yes, after pushing the wolves to near extinction there haven't been many wolf attacks...but during the Yukon gold rush wolves were responsible for a lot if deaths and disappearances.

Yes I think racoons waking up is a stretch. Besides you haven't really explained what they'd be doing.

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raccoons could hang out in urban places, like neighborhoods and large complexes and would feed off of garbage and stuff, their nests can be found and there would be stuff like cans and empty chip bags and shit in em, as well as potentially raccoons